X-Wing Gets A Modern Game Engine, Thanks To Modders

X-Wing Gets A Modern Game Engine, Thanks To Modders

In the works for two-and-a-half years, the developers behind XWVM — the “modernisation” mod for Star Wars: X-Wing — have delivered their first pre-alpha version. While only available to selected testers, it does signal that XWVM is no pipe dream and eventually, we’ll all be able to enjoy a fresh-faced revamp of the classic space sim.

As is the case with a lot of these revamps, you’ll need to own the original game to make use of the mod. Good news is, it’s available via Steam or GOG for $US9.99 (or cheaper if you wait for a sale).

Unfortunately, the mod isn’t available to the public, with the developers choosing to go through a pre-alpha period. Apparently, XWVM Team was accepting sign-ups for testers via a thread on the GOG forums so if you missed out, it might be wise to poke your head in as soon as possible.

Even so, I wouldn’t be too upset. From the sounds of things, there’s still a lot of work to be done before it can be considered a finished product:

The game is in absolutely preAlpha, early access, preview, optimised, unfinished, incomplete, not-at-all done state. It’s lacking 90 per cent of the content and assets, if not more, and the amount of polish is at the “You can look at it without pulling out your eyes just after” level. We are always improving the visuals, replacing old models, adding bells and whistles.

However, the game is complex enough to make sense to release it already in its current state so that we can get an idea of how good or bad it performs in the spectrum of PC configurations that is out there. That will give us directions about where to go next, or what requires most urgent attention.

XWVM is the second project I’m aware of that’s using Unity to drag an older game into modern times. Aussie Gavin Clayton has been working hard for a few years now on providing a fresh face for Bethesda’s Daggerfall via the popular game engine.

I couldn’t track down a timeline for a public release, but fingers crossed it won’t be another two or three years!

STAR WARS — X-Wing Special Edition mod [Moddb]


    • That was my first thought, too. “It’s a shame they didn’t do it with the better game in the series.”

    • I’m torn between the two. I guess Tie Fighter was more polished being the newer of the two games, so maybe that’s what sets it apart? I have very fond memories of them both.

      • One big difference is that it is one of the few (at the time) Star Wars games that had you playing on the side of the Empire. You go through the entire game acting as if the Empire are the good guys, rather than having a change of heart just before the end and switching to the Rebellion.

      • Played both when they were new, but I loved TIE Fighter much more – and it isn’t just the polish. TIE Fighter just had a better storyline and it made the Empire seem sympathetic. X-Wing was just “Rebels blow up Imperials, yay!” while TIE Fighter was a bit more nuanced.

  • I couldn’t track down a timeline for a public release, but fingers crossed it won’t be another two or three years!

    *cough* Star Citizen *cough*

  • I’m part of the XWVM team, and regarding TIE Fighter: We know it’s the better game. And that’s exactly the reason why we are tackling X-Wing first, because it’s in much more need of an update. Plus it’s the less complex game of the two, with simpler mission structure, fewer different ships and smaller in scope altogether. It’s just less work to update (which is still a LOT of work), so it makes sense to get all of that down first. As much as TIE Fighter is build upon the foundation of X-Wing, a theoretical TFVM would and should be built upon XWVM.

    You can find a lot more info right here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/xwvm/news/hello-and-faq

  • With the amount of love out there for these titles, and the resurgence in Star Wars movies, what on earth is the reason they aren’t making a new TIE/X-Wing game?

    It would appear that it would be a license to print money, and also a possible VR release.

    Seems really odd to me.

    • There was a Battlefront X-Wing VR mission. I wonder if that was popular. Hopefully EA would approve a small/mid-sized title purely in VR. It looked pretty good on Youtube 🙂

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