Multiplayer Mod For Just Cause 3 Less Than A Week Away

Multiplayer Mod For Just Cause 3 Less Than A Week Away

Last we heard, the fabled multiplayer modification of Just Cause 3 had hit a road block after one of the key developers was pinched by Avalanche Studios. I guess it wasn’t too big a deal — a year on and the mod is on the cusp of release.

The mod’s Steam page has July 21 listed as the big day — that’s next Friday for calendar haters.

The fan-made project will focus on player-to-player interactions, rather than co-operative play, going by the feature list:

  • Battle, race, chase and play tag with fighter jets with up to hundreds of players per server.
  • Enjoy community created gamemodes, ensuring a constantly evolving play set.
  • Countless hours of fun including racing, deathmatch, skydiving, freeroam, etc.
  • Don’t see the game mode you want? Make one!
  • State-of-the-art synchronisation helps reduce lag to a minimum.

The mod does come with some important restrictions:

*Is tethering support? Not yet, but it’s being worked on for Update 1.1.
*Is destruction synchronized? No unfortunately not, at least at the moment, we will look into it though.
*Is there AI? No, sorry, but we are looking into it, but we can’t give a guarantee that it’s ever coming.

If you have some of your own questions, hit up the Q&A thread on the mod’s Steam forum. Otherwise, time to start recruiting 100 or so friends…

Just Cause 3: Multiplayer Mod [Steam, via RPS]

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