Need For Speed Has Pre-Order Tyre Smoke

Need For Speed Has Pre-Order Tyre Smoke

Remember pre-order pants?

You thought that was bad. You thought it couldn’t get worse.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to EXCLUSIVE pre-order tyre smoke.

Pre. Order. Tyre. Smoke.

Thanks to TechRadar’s Stephen Lambrechts for spotting this.

This is apparently an EB Games . Pre-order now to get blue tyre smoke.

This is not parody. This is real.


  • …and the tyre smoke is exclusive to the platinum cars.

    † Platinum Blue Tire Smoke exclusive to Platinum Car Pack vehicles.

        • Sorta, kinda, not really. I’m a strategy/data analyst, which means I occasionally need to… get creative with the commentary 🙂 Like with this report I keep putting off 🙁

  • To be fair, I don’t see this as any worse (or better) than any other “cosmetic” pre-order bonus.

    Coloured tyres, which produce coloured tyre smoke are a thing in the rev-head community, and this is offering that to pre-order customers.

    • Agreed, this is no different from other cosmetic pre-order bonuses over the past decade or so. It’s the equivalent of a hat for a character.

  • As long as people keep pre-ordering games to get these ‘exclusives’, then EB will keep making deals to include ridiculous extras like this. It’s a cycle that will just continue to feed itself.

  • To be fair I’d rather preorder bonuses to be inconsequential stuff like this. Better than locking actual content behind a preorder wall.

  • This is pre-ordering culture at its surreal pinnacle, or near to it. Are we all aware of why, really, publishers are so keen on pre-orders? Remember the whole point of pre-ordering, from the business’ point of view, is to induce you, the unwitting consumer, to hand over as much money as possible, as far in advance as possible of the game’s release, using as cheap or inconsequential a gimmick as possible. Lots of capital in advance – in other words, they are earning interest on that money instead of you, and all it took was some crappy ‘exclusive skins’ or similar gimmicks that cost exactly squat to make, but will let them earn potentially millions of dollars for no effort whatsoever. Easiest money they will ever make. Only a matter of time before inducements include exclusive typefaces in the menus.

  • Well if it helps whenever I buy a game on Day 1 release, preorder or not. I get the preorder bonuses.. Woohoo for smoke I guess?

  • Gamers enable this kind of garbage by preordering games. and EB…. yeesh.

  • Exclusive pre order bonuses are strictly for the gullible. There has never been one of these stupid things that adds anything useful to a game.

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