New Pokemon Movie Rewrites History, Ditches Brock And Misty

The upcoming Pokemon movie is a re-telling of the Indigo League stories, with two glaring omissions.

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Namely, the absence of Brock and Misty, who were two of Ash's first cohorts in original anime.

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Both might be Ash's most well-known friends, with Misty even appearing in the first episode I Choose You!, after which the upcoming film is named.

Yet, in the official site, there are two other random children, Makoto and Souji. Both of them are apparently brand new.

[Image: ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル]

Via the movie's official site, here is Souji.

[Image: official site]

And Makoto.

[Image: official site]

You'll notice that neither Brock nor Misty appear in the list of characters appearing in the main part of the movie. Nurse Joy? Yes, but Ash's old friends? Nope.

People have noticed this.

Souji and Makoto are even showing up in 20th anniversary images instead of Brock and Misty.

Twenty years of 10-year-old Ash!

It's almost like Brock and Misty never existed. As Pokemon Matome points out, the new movie has a retelling of this old scene with Butterfree.

[Image: Pokemon Matome]

[Image: Pokemon Matome]

[Image: Pokemon Matome]

[Image: Pokemon Matome]

[Image: Pokemon Matome]

In the new version, Brock and Misty have been written out.

[Image: Pokemon Matome]

[Image: Pokemon Matome]

[Image: Pokemon Matome]

The characters do have a tacked-on appearance in the closing credits. That's according to Alex Aniel, who saw the movie at Japan Expo and who provided PokeBeach with a summary, writing, "In the end credits we see brief shots of Ash's old friends — Brock, Misty, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont."



    Wait so they were acknowledged in the credits but no cameos or nothing in the movie? Why does that feel even more insulting...

    It does seem kind of strange.

    The opinion half way down though about "I don't think I like the anime anymore" because of this is pure horseshit though.

    Does the existence of this change the fact that you can still go and watch the old episodes? The original trilogy of Star Wars still exists and people abhor the existence of the prequels managed to get by.

    Sorry, early morning rant

      I think in this case the difference is that the prequel Star Wars trilogy doesn't overwrite anything from the originals.

      Imagine, if you will, a re-telling of A New Hope starring Luke, but without Leia or Han. That would be an appropriate analogy, not the prequels vs the original.

    I'll never forget Brooke and Mistry!

    RIP the only good part of pokemon cosplay.

    At least it is classical character design. Imagine if in addition it was the current character design.

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