New World Of Warcraft Fan Server Takes Players Back To The Burning Crusade

Many unofficial World of Warcraft legacy servers roll the game back to its 2004 launch. The ambitious Felmyst project, now in open beta, takes things a step further, recreating the game as it was following the launch of its first expansion, The Burning Crusade. Those were rough days.

World of Warcraft's first expansion was much more challenging and less flashy than the ones that followed. The new zones introduced were large and meandering. Raid attunement and progression was rough, and levelling from 1 to 70 was a huge undertaking. That's exactly what the folks behind the Felmyst project are hoping to recreate.

From the Felmyst website:

Development for Felmyst has spanned years behind closed doors and is designed to emulate a Burning Crusade Private Server up to retail standards. Using publicly available data, we have tackled the fundamental issues that remind players that they aren't playing on official servers. Our software is the product of closed source development around clean professional programming standards. The goal of Felmyst is to produce a complete and satisfying World of Warcraft experience.

There's no denying that World of Warcraft is a much easier game now than it was back in 2007. Blizzard's spent the past decade streamlining systems and simplifying mechanics, something early fans of the game like to call "dumbing things down". Felymst's lead, who goes by the name Gummy, launched the project with an aim to give players back the challenge that's missing from both the retail game and most other unofficial servers.

Gummy talks about the recreating the bad old days in the video below (via Tech Raptor).

Where other private serves might ramp up player damage, speed up experience gain, and tone down end-game content, Felmyst aims to keep things just as they were in 2007.

I've poked around in the beta, and I had forgotten how slow going it was. How new spells and skills had to be purchased from a trainer rather than learned automatically. How a mage had to stop and regain mana instead of chain-killing low-level trash. It's tough, but sort of nice.

In order to play in Felmyst's open beta, all one has to do is register for an account on the website, download the client, and play.

Keep in mind, however, that this is an unofficial free legacy server, and Blizzard's been known to shut those down.


    Ok, you guys are just looking for stuff to shut down now :p

    This sounds awesome! Assuming there are enough people who would play it.

    even if they shut it down another will pop up

    and these servers have up to 15k players at once and they are packed

      People eventually weary of restarting characters over and over on different servers because the last one shut down. MMOs are all about the long game. The fact this one is hosted in the United States does not bode well for longevity.

        thats why the XP is boosted to 5 or 7x

        you level quite fast and its fun as well

          Felmyst uses 1x XP and gold rates, from their FAQ page.

            felmyst is no where near the most popular and current seasonal one, i wont mention the one that is

              No, but this article is about Felmyst. The point remains valid though, if you want the vanilla experience you don't also get to have insane XP boosts. One of the biggest things people complained about with live WoW was how the leveling experience got accelerated to crazy levels, if pirate servers are doing 5x XP gain or more you're not getting the vanilla experience, you're getting a third flavour that's neither vanilla nor live.

              The fact you refer to the server as 'seasonal' speaks volumes of how long these things tend to survive. Are you denying that the omnipresent risk of being shut down isn't a major drawback to these kinds of servers?

                no bad talk zombie,

                the servers are seasonal because they finish the raid teir and the server just dies because everyone has finished progression

                then a new server starts up and they do it all over again to max gear level

                as there is no expansions

                  That kind of ephemerality never appealed to me personally, but if people want it I certainly won't judge. Even Diablo 3's seasons still have an ongoing progression in the sense you get to keep what you earned in the non-seasonal game.

                  Piracy I'll do all kinds of judging, even though I sometimes do it myself :P

    Man my best memories of WoW come from BC. I hit level 60 on my first toon (mage) literally the day before BC came out, so I never saw Vanilla end game and the leveling process barely paused for me.

    Ended up getting heavily into raiding with the guild I'd joined while leveling, quickly became their top dps (mage OP!). Eventually leveled my first alt to 70 - resto shaman so I went through that leveling grind twice.

    It was great, BC saw the introduction of the arenas and also Heroic raids. By the end I was speed running the shorter ones in 15 minutes.

    As fun as that was though I'd never go back seriously. I came back for Legion and wound up as the raid leader for my guild. The raid group is the strongest its ever been and everyone psyched to keep going. Even getting old guild members back who left wanting better progress in raids. They start to take notice when you pass them on wow progress.

    How could I leave that to go play a BC private server? As fun as it was back then those times have passed. Blizz are giving us Black Temple time walking, obviously they're experimenting with how to bring some of the old stuff back.

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