Nintendo’s Mini SNES Goes On Sale From 5:00 PM [Update: All Gone]

Nintendo’s Mini SNES Goes On Sale From 5:00 PM [Update: All Gone]
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If you didn’t snag a Mini SNES from EB Games or JB Hi-Fi when they were available earlier this year, good news: Catch of the Day will be selling them today.

Update #5 (6:21 PM): The hourly deal is up, and all 500 Mini SNES units are up. Until another retailer gets in a second batch of stock – if at all – you’ll have to go to auction websites to get a legitimate Mini SNES. Unless you make your own, of course.

Update #4 (3:49 PM): Catch has revealed the number of Mini SNES units available to buyers: 500. That’s right. Just 500 Mini SNES consoles will be available. If you want one, you’ll have to be quick.

Update #4 (12:29 PM): Catch of the Day has confirmed to Kotaku Australia that they will be selling stock of the Classic Mini SNES from 5:00 PM AEST (3:00 AWST, 4:30 PM ACST).

As mentioned before, you’ll need to be a Club Catch member in order to take advantage of the deal. The first 30 days are free with Club Catch memberships, but you’ll need to input your credit card details to activate the trial. We’re chasing up to confirm how much stock Catch of the Day will have.

The original story is below.

In an email blast to press, Catch of the Day announced it would be selling stock of the Classic Mini SNES for $129 – $10 higher than the usual RRP – from 9:00 AM AEST. For those in Perth, you’ll want to have the site ready by 7:00 AM, and those in Adelaide or Darwin will want to be prepped for 8:30 AM.

For reference, here’s a link to all of Catch of the Day’s current Nintendo deals. There’s some Switch consoles and a bunch of accessories, but no listing for the Mini SNES. Sorry.

The media blast didn’t confirm whether Catch of the Day would also be stocking the separate adapter that Nintendo says you’ll need for the Mini SNES. That costs another $20, although it’s highly possible you have something lying around the house that would work just fine. Grabbing one to be safe couldn’t hurt, mind you.


  • Catch of the Day. That rings a bell. Anyone still use that site day to day?

    I remember when it used to have 1 deal (usually some rubbish thing) a day, not it’s full of crap. And it used to crash whenever there was something good on there.

      • I can recall 3 things I bought off there. One was a mystery item, it was a bottle operner. Fuck me. The other two things, one never worked from the start, the other one crapped out after some time, they sent a replacement, same thing happened so I got my money back and went and paid for a proper replacement (real brand).

    • Mate of mine bought like 100 protein bars for his work lunchbox. When they arrived he had 2 weeks to eat them before they were out of date.

      • My boss told me a similar story. This guy he knew won or placed super high in some national drumming competition. For some reason Sanitarium wanted to sponsor him but not give him any money. He got a pallet of about to expire weet bix…

  • I reckon EB and JB are holding back a stack of units and will re-advertise a week or two before its official launch….demand will be at fever pitch.

    • If they do that then I turn up at the store on launch day to collect my preorder and get told they don’t have enough stock, I’ll set fire to the building.

      • No, I think you’ll be fine. They will honour all preorders…..but then have stock in reserve pre-launch to advertise as a pre-order once again. EB have been known to do that with uber collectors editions etc.

    • I spoke to someone who’s in the supply chain at EB.

      They’ve got a set number from the distributor as the contracted minimum number they’d get. They divvied that up into a certain number for each shop and the online store and sold all of those as pre-orders (that division was why some shops were out of pre-orders earlier than others).

      Closer to release day they’ll get an updated number which is usually-but-not-always a bit higher. They’ll do the same thing – divvy them up and release a new round of pre-orders.

      Once the distributor has them in hand, they’ll work out whether any of the small retailers don’t want or can’t prepay for their full allocation. Those will usually be divided up between JB and EB and will constitute a final set of pre-orders or simply be shipped to shops on the day.

      So they aren’t holding back anything – but they might get told that they’re getting a few more coming.

    • Yes. An original Xbox controller can fit one, theres no reason you couldn’t wedge a pi into either this or the NES Classic. The NES Classic is considerably bigger than your typical Pi 2 with enclosure, and I cant see the SNES Classic being smaller.

        • Got to admit, I’m tempted as well. Expensive case to repurpose, but man it would look cool 🙂

          There are 3D cases out there though that fit the Pi, so you could probably just take those thingiverse files to an Officeworks (I think they do 3D printing. Someone does anyhow) and get a case that would be far less expensive.

          Supreme Overlord Google suggests quite a few, with this being the first I saw:

  • I’m glad I pre-ordered mine. I pre-ordered my mini SNES at EB Games on the day of release. A mate of mine (who works at EB Games) told me to pre-order online through their official website, and then set to pick up and collect from the local store, easy as.

    I imagine if the mini SNES is going to be available through Catch of the Day, they will probably run out of stock almost immediately, courtesy of bots.

    • Yep that’s what I did – ordered online and set to pick up from my local store. Mind you, I’m still going to get to the store before 9am on the day just to make sure I get the unit I’ve ordered and they don’t give it to someone else who walks in that day. It’s one of the very few times I’ll ever order anything from EB (at the time I ordered, JB had not yet announced their preorders yet) but it was pretty painless. Of course something might still go wrong but I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t.

      I’m actually half tempted to head down there the day before official release and ask if I can pick it up a day early. Don’t like my chances but you never know.

      • EB where I live are generally pretty good with pre-orders. I have a friend who is a manager at one of the stores, so he looks after me (to be fair, he looks after his customers in general quite well) but yes, I am a bit paranoid that something could go wrong.

  • The media blast didn’t confirm whether Catch of the Day would also be stocking the separate adapter that Nintendo says you’ll need for the Mini SNES. That costs another $20, although it’s highly possible you have something lying around the house that would work just fine. Grabbing one to be safe couldn’t hurt, mind you.

    I’m pretty certain that the Mini SNES can be powered by your TV’s USB port just like the Mini NES, so assuming your TV has one, you shouldn’t need a power adaptor at all.

  • So glad I got my pre-order in at the beginning so I don’t have to jump through hoops like this. Catch of the Day is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    If Nintendo would put more units out people wouldn’t have this issue.

    • Nintendo ARE releasing more units. Just like they did with the NES classic. Just because pre-orders sold out doesn’t mean that there is no more stock coming.
      Nintendo have to be careful. There is a fine line between demand and over-saturation. The last thing they want is to have a pile of these in bargain bins all around the country.

      • They could still be assholes about it and stop producing it even though there are a huge amount of people out there that never got one.

        You know, like they did with the last one.

    • Yeah it is. This is bullshit. There is no way they have any. They will probably ship later.

  • From their online team via webchat –
    I would advise getting on to a Club Catch trial in order to purchase this item as it is a Club Catch exclusive. This will save you some time when the sale becomes available!
    This means an extra 70 dollars on top to sub to their sucky service.

    • The trial’s free for a month and you can cancel at any time, and from what I read in the conditions you shouldn’t be charged until the trial period ends.

      • The time line doesn’t make sense.
        Sign up for free trial now.
        Order snes mini
        Cancel before trial period ends which is end of August,
        But the snes doesn’t become available until Sept 29th.
        Does the order still stand, or will you still need to be an active member on release date?

        • Well we will find out because I’ve ordered one and cancelled the free trial as soon as I got the order confirmation!

  • I pre-ordered online from EB games on the day it was announced, and I’m glad I did. No fighting with the crowds for stock held by weird third parties.

    I actually let the NES classic pass by, because I didn’t really want to play that many NES games. The SNES’ greatest hits, though? You’re damn right I want that.

    I’m just a bit sad that it doesn’t have Donkey Kong Country 2 or 3. I think both sequels improved on the original significantly, so it sort of has the worst (albeit still good, and most iconic) entry in the series. No Chrono Trigger is also a bit of a shame, but it has a whole load of ports to other systems, so I’m not too sad about it.

  • Thanks for the heads up! Managed to snag one!

    Hopefully they ship close to launch date.

    Didn’t end up being a “Catch Club” exclusive so cancelled the free trial too.

  • Jesus Christ just emulate the games. The thing is a cheap bit of plastic. It’s infuriating that consumers will literally line up to get this. Did no one learn from last time?

    • It annoys me too. But i wanted one so i still bought it.

      So many memories for 14 yr old me!

    • fair point but I do understand why people buy it. Off course there are many other ways to play the games but there is something about buying actual products and playing them legitimately. Its a different feeling…. if that makes sense at all.

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