Nioh Just Added A Feature That Should Be In All Loot Games

The excellent PS4 samurai action game Nioh is overloaded with loot, but its developers may have solved one of their game's few problems with a clever tweak in the game's new 1.14 patch.

Like many things in Nioh, the tweak is initially inscrutable. The patch notes describe it this way:

-Added the option "display take" over dropped equipment* to individual game settings.

*You can now turn off the "take" option for equipment below a rarity of your choosing.

With that tweak, Nioh's developers are helping players spare themselves from the game's overload of loot. Most enemies you kill in this enemy-filled game drop potions and power-ups and lots and lots of weapons. They drop common grey weapons, uncommon yellows and rare blues. They occasionally drop a purple exotic or, via the game's new DLC, might drop a weapon of ethereal rarity.

By law, the player of a video game cannot resist picking up any and all dropped items. Even if you attempt to wilfully resist the urge, sometimes it just happens as you're grabbing at a cluster of otherwise-useful loot.

After the update, you can set the game to spare you from picking up junk. We don't need the bad weapons, the weapons the game is already telling us are inferior to the ones we're carrying. That trash should not be taken.

Therefore, the wise Nioh player can now load up the individual game settings, and...

Let's at least make it so that the "take" prompt doesn't appear over the grey stuff.

And thus...

That junk I'm standing next to can't be picked up.

Dear Bungie, please get this into Destiny 2.


    Can't you still sell it for souls?

      Not many. It's much more worthwhile to turn it into junk that you can then condense into rare/useful junk. More mulch for the garden of gear.

    Still need Junk to convert to cash or use the level to improve other items.
    Also I remembered I still haven't finished Nioh and likely never will. It's a shame the inventory management is such a chore.

    Marvel Heroes does it better though. You can specify rarity per slot, e.g. if you have an awesome weapon but bad chest armor you can set it to destroy all blue and lower weapons but only destroy green and lower chest armor pieces.

    Wish more games would copy that system.

    This doesn't seem like good design, especially since items can be traded for souls. Just take a leaf from other games and automatically sell the items of a particular rarity when you pick them up.

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