Oculus Rift Is Now Cheaper Than PlayStation VR

Back in March, I said then was the perfect time to buy an Oculus Rift.

I was wrong. It's now.

The most recent price drop for the Oculus Rift temporarily brings its retail price down from $US549 to $US449, which is a pretty damn significant drop. In fact, it's enough of a drop to make a high-end PC gaming-friendly virtual reality headset from Oculus even cheaper than the more mainstream, somewhat less advanced PlayStation VR.

Here's the numbers as they fall at the moment: EB Games sells the PlayStation VR bundle — with the VR headset itself, the breakout box with extra processing power, a PlayStation 4 camera, and a VR Worlds demo disc — for $629.95. That's a fair whack of cash, more than an actual PlayStation 4 will cost you.

At the moment, Oculus will sell you the Rift and Touch controllers for $US449 — that's $590 at current exchange rates. That also includes a bunch of free games, so it really is an equivalent bundle to the EB PSVR one, too. That's pretty impressive for what is one of the highest quality VR headsets you can buy, in company with the also-excellent HTC Vive.

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    If you have a decently grunty PC (a couple of years old) and you have a passing interest in VR, now's the time.

    Goddamn your moderation crap, Kotaku. I'll just copy and paste...

    Apparently this is just a 6 week offer, not a permanent price drop (according to Eurogamer). So best not to wait around too long if you're thinking about doing it.

    Except it's still cheaper to get the PSVR bundle and a PS4 if you don't have a PC that can power an Oculus Rift.

      But if you do have it, I really reccomend it! Try flying around in Elite Dangerous with the Oculus and a HOTAS, holy balls it's incredible. And testing out Onward really shows how VR can change FPS shooters.

      Also, Google Earth VR, Robo Recall and The Lab is freakin amazing!

      I own both of them, If I had to get one, I'd still go with PSVR. The only aspect where the Rift wins is the tracking for the Touch controllers.

      In all other aspects such as picture quality (SDE/God-ray), comfort and exclusives PSVR stands itself apart. I can read white text on a black background without feeling like I have to wear sunnies.

    Still waiting for eye tracking for better depth and focus effects that hopefully wont make me go blind or cross-eyed, higher dpi, and more periphery.
    The Fove HMD, if it ever comes out, is a step closer, but even that isn't at the point yet where I'm ready to invest in VR.
    Hoping on the Vive 2.

    Weren't they under an injunction against selling them coz of the Zenimax stuff.

      Zenimax applied for an injunction. It hasn't been granted.

      Injunctions in a US court wouldn't necessarily stop them from selling in other markets like Australia.

      In fact, the discounts could even be an attempt to manage a stock surplus from a potential (temporary) loss of the US market.

    If I didn't have a vive I'd jump on that.

    I really think it would be better to wait for gen2, despite what they say about it not coming anytime soon i think thats bs considering how long oculus has been out for now.

      But gen3's gonna be even better, may as well just wait for that.

    man what a deal. half the price of a vive.
    I was undecided between a vive or oculus but as vive don't seem to care to lower their price i can now easily make up my mind.

    Equal or better HMD and equal or better (definately ergonimically better imo) hand controllers.
    The only drawback is oculus's roomscale isn't as robust or large as vive but...its half the price man!

      And when you buy it for half the price, you can buy a third sensor and still have loads of money left. That will give you a roomscale pretty close to that of the Vive.

      I just ordered one, so soon I will be all over that roomscale :D.

    Got mine a few weeks ago after waiting a year. The price drop really convinced me to finally burn that hole in my wallet. I had only previously experienced mobile VR which is nice, but wow! These things blow that right out of the water. It was so freakishly weird after playing Robo Recall with the Touch controllers I took the headset off I was looking at my own hands for 5 mins going wtf is this? Now I can fairly stomach Windlands. Just a heads up, if you live in Germany, MediaMarkt is selling them for around 430EU in store.

      yeah i hear the sense of immersion is good and at times you can really forget where you really are...sounds so amazing i cant wait.

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