Of All Things, Night Trap Comes Out Next Month

Image: Youtube (Screaming Villains)

Good morning. Remember Night Trap, the nutty FMV game for the SEGA CD back in the early 90's? It's back, and in a matter of weeks no less.

Due out on August 15 (US time) for PC and PS4, the Night Trap re-release is designed to mark the FMV game's 25th anniversary. (An Xbox One release is coming as well, but there's no release date for that yet.) A lot of people won't have played the original game, mind you, especially given that the SEGA CD was far from a cheap console back in the day.

One of the more interesting facets of the re-release is the inclusion of Scene Of The Crime, an unreleased prototype that was made in 1986. Scene of the Crime was pitched to Hasbro executives to help sell an console that used VHS tapes instead of ROM cartridges. That console never came out, however, because Hasbro didn't think they would be able to compete with the cheaper NES at the time.

Night Trap's re-release will also have a special survivor mode, where the difficulty increases with every round you complete, as well as deleted scenes, developer commentary and a theatre mode that lets you watch all story-related scenes.


    Can we preorder this from anywhere yet?

      Unfortunately not. Because Limited Run are seeming incapable of handing pre-orders (point in note is the whole Skullgirls on Vita debacle that's been going on for months) and rely on the fact they are "limited" to create a false sense of rarity

      If you want it, you'll have to log in at midnight to get it, and hopefully you'll get one past the resellers

        There's the digital versions, thankfully, but no preorder pages up for those yet either.

    I wanted this game sooooo much back in the day but Sega CD made the game might as well cost a million dollars. Looking forward to finally playing it.

    Has it been banned in Australia? I cannot find it in the Australian PlayStation store, but it is in the American one

      Wondering the same thing. Guessing it's not going to be available in Australia? Anyone know?

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