On Splatoon 2 Launch Day, Japan Lines Up For The Switch 

Hellish lines formed yesterdy all across Japan. Splatoon 2 launched, and stores got a fresh shipment of Switch consoles, including the Splatoon 2 hardware bundle.

[Image: kaztsu]

No doubt there were people waiting to just get Splatoon 2 and its Amiibos, but with the way things are in Japan Switch-wise, many folks were certainly hoping to get the bundle or the standalone console.

Quantities, however, were limited.

Twitter user Kaztsu took some terrific images of the lines in Tokyo, which got longer and longer as the morning progressed.

As before, those wanting a Nintendo Switch lined up to get a raffle ticket with the hope that they would be selected so they could buy a Switch. The odds of that were slim.

Around 1500 people were apparently waiting at the Labi store in Tokyo's Ikebukuro yesterday.

The lines weren't only in big cities such as Tokyo, but even in the suburbs and small towns.

Four hundred people lined up at a Toys'R'Us in Ehime Prefecture. Ehime!

At this Toys'R'Us, there were 25 Splatoon 2 Switch bundles and 10 individual Switch consoles. Around 500 people lined up for a chance to buy.

Here's a store in Ibaraki Prefecture with slightly more: Thirty-five Splatoon 2 Switch bundles and 20 individual consoles. The line was around 500 people long, though...

Fewer there, though. Ten Splatoon 2 Switch bundles and ten individual consoles.

Another Toys'R'Us, with reportedly about 400 people in line.

A long line at a Toys'R'Us in Osaka.

A Toys'R'Us in Kumamoto.

This shop had 30 Splatoon 2 Switch bundles and 20 individual Switch consoles. The line was reportedly over 1000 people long.

Yet another line.

Apparently a Splatoon 2 line.

These folks are hoping to win a chance to buy one of 45 Switch consoles.

These lines are hell.

Truly. And don't expect them to end any time soon.


    The onky reason that 'quantities are limited' is Nintendo like to artificially control demand. It a shitty business practice. I wish the gaming community would wise up to nintendos disregard for its customers. Just because they make good games (sometimes) doesn't mean they should have carte Blanche to treat consumers like shit.

    Would never line up for a game. What a stupid waste of time.

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