One Dragon Quest 11 Scene Compared On PS4 And 3DS

On July 29, Square Enix is releasing Dragon Quest 11 in Japan on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS. Besides the graphic styles, there are some intrinsic differences that will make the experiences feel different. Namely, screen size.

Via website Hachima, here is a scene from Dragon Quest XI's PS4 version.

[Image: Hachima]

The text reads, "I didn't know the world was this vast..."

And now the same scene on the Nintendo 3DS version with the same exact dialogue.

[Image: Hachima]

Heh. In fairness, the bottom screen does feel vast, but empty. The top screen, however, seems crowded.

Hachima says it makes the same scene "completely different". Not sure I would go that far, but it certainly does feel like the screen size will obviously change the experience.


    Do fans want a carbon copy of the handheld game on PS4? I mean come on it's bound to be different.
    Don't really see what the fuss is.

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