One Trick To Getting Better At Battlegrounds: Shrubbery

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can be rough. Fighting against one hundred other players takes a combination of good gear and precise aiming. But I've discovered the game's most powerful tool: Bushes.

How do you not see me? I'm in a white shirt, dude!

My initial strategy when I first started Battlegrounds was to leapfrog from house to house. It was an effective process that earned me a victory the first time we livestreamed the game. But over time this strategy became less viable. Players grew more competent over time, and houses proved to be deathtraps packed with shotgun-wielding campers and cheeky grenade spammers.

This weekend, I adjust my tactics. I started going into houses only to grab loot — otherwise, I spent the majority of my matches hiding in bushes or the shadows of large trees. I became the Poison Ivy of Battlegrounds, living with the green, sniping unsuspecting fools who dare trample upon my forests.

I've been living on the edge of the circle, becoming one with the grass.

By embracing the power of shrubbery, I've broken into the top 10 of matches with alarming consistency. This weekend, I earned two second place finishes, a fourth place run, a fifth place showing with a ton of kills, and many more solid rounds. Seriously, why is no one looking in these damn bushes? People have gone prone next to me. They have walked right up to my character and done nothing. To quote a friend, I am a ninja shadow barely perceived. Occasionally, an enterprising sniper figures it out, but otherwise I have been free to pop out of the bushes like a rabid, assault rifle-wielding mongoose.

I hate to give away trade secrets, but the numbers don't lie. This one simple trick will up your game and have everyone lining up to give you high fives. Stop rushing into buildings to see if you can get one extra energy drink or a rinky dink micro Uzi. Embrace nature and relax for a while. I promise you'll see instant results.


    This only works if someone is close to you, anyone with elevation or distance wont have the shrubberies rendered in properly and you stick out like dogs balls.

      Bushes always render, while grass gets culled after a distance. Bushes are by far the best place to hide

    Every time you kill someone, taunt them with the fact they didn't bring you a shrubbery!

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