Podcast: The Destiny 2 Beta Makes Us Want Destiny 2

It may not surprise you to hear that Kirk and I have THOUGHTS on the Destiny 2 beta, which is leaving us cautiously optimistic for the full game. Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, let's discuss.

First we talk a bit about the robots running our lives, before chatting about some of the other games we've been playing such as Final Fantasy 12 and Zelda DLC (15:28), then jumping into this week's news (26:23) on Kingdom Hearts 3, Star Wars theme parks and Battlegrounds rules. Then we break down the whole Destiny 2 beta (43:29) in the way that only obsessive Destiny fans can: Obsessively.

In short, we're very high on the PVP, a bit sceptical about how all these new changes will feel in PVE, and very excited to get our hands on the full game.

You can download the MP3 right here.

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    3 strikes with each class and a game of each crucible and Im already done with it. Fuck suspension of disbelief, that first mission looks great but falls apart in every other aspect if given even a moments thought.

    Im holding out hope for the full package but right now this is just as mediocre as the original.

    This is perfect example of what happens when you let the vocal minority win. The "omg someone killed me with a grenade, whaaaaaa, sure I just killed five people myself in this game with grenades only but that doesnt matter, NERF EVERYTHING!' approach to balance.

    I am liking the beta so far but its like they have swung the nerf bat so far, pretty much anything that created variety (which in turns ask like the huge carrot to play) has been changed. No interesting stats on gear, no random weapons, simplified classes, everyone has the same sloooooow recharge rates. Its like Destiny has been neutered.

    that said I am holding out to hope but with how it was presented in the beta, where is the detail and originality in personalisation? the worse part this hard push for balance in PVP has really impacted the speed and excitement of PVE.

      ugh that sucks then, i really wish devs would stop trying to make pvp and pve balance equal. how hard is it to split it up so that if you attack a human player you X damage, and attack an npc/mob you do Y damage.

      I mean Blizzard have finally done it for WoW and they did it early with SC2 (Campaign units are unaffected by changes to units in MP/Skirmish)

    really enjoyed the beta, did the strike 20 times at least and a few hours of pvp. homecoming was really enjoyable especially found it cool fighting in the main plaza and other guardians coming in. ill wait to judge cooldowns and stuff for when we see perks and mods

    Welp, it's not destiny if the PvP doesn't lag... there was like 4-5 players lagging over the 2 hours of PvP I've played. Plz bungee, in the year 2017, shouldn't a triple A FPS shooter have dedicated servers?
    Gun damage, subclass, abilities and balances can be tweaked, I'm more concerned about the connection...

    To put it into perspective, I play Titanfall 2 on the American servers with 200 ping and it still run way smoother than destiny 1.

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