Quiz: How Will You Meet Shigeru Miyamoto?

Quiz: How Will You Meet Shigeru Miyamoto?

Could there be anything worse than meeting Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Mario and Zelda, when you’re completely tanked? Probably not. But if you’re into video games, you’ve probably considered what it’d be like to meet the man himself. Find out how you’ll meet Miyamoto in this quiz.

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  • so i meet him ..Right After You Realize You Have Food Poisoning and i throw up on him.. considering i have hated Nintendo since 1979… YAY! accurate quiz

  • So after answering a number of arbitrary questions that have nothing to do with anything I find out that Shiggy’s gonna find me wherever I am anyway so really I never even had to take the quiz. Doc warned me that no one should know about their own future.

  • Apparently, I will meet Shiggy when I drop my books on the way to class and he stops to help me pick them up. We then have comic misadventures for 90 minutes before deciding to get married. Life is good.

  • Wait….. he will find me….. am I being stalked by Miyamoto?!?!?!

    He knows where you are, and he is looking for you. Some day, when you least expect it, he will make his presence known. Will it be at the parking lot for the gym? Is that him, standing in the distance as you push your child on a swing? As you drift off to sleep, do you dare open your eyes, for fear of the Zelda creator looming at the foot of your bed? All I know is that when you finally meet Miyamoto, his chill hand will clasp the back of your neck, as he whispers into your ear, “It’s Mario time.”

  • Would I really want to meet Miyamoto San? Yes absolutely I would definitely say hi to Miyamoto San if I was at the next Nintendo press conference at E3 in Los Angeles California. I mean seeing Miyamoto San at the Ubisoft press conference last month was a blast when he met Ubisoft founder and CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot for the E3 launch of Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle coming out on Nintendo Switch August 29th and watching all this gameplay animation and music powered by game engineering developer Snowdrop definitely would be an exciting time for me at this time of year I mean Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle maybe a strategy game but at least I am still a Mario fan I don’t know what Ubisoft’s Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is gonna be like but who knows maybe it might surprise me when Ubisoft’s Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle comes out next month I probably think it will be a good game or it might be a bad game we’ll just wait and see.

  • I guess Gita has a thing for Cosmo-style quizzes now. Looking forward to “Which Flintstones Character Would You Marry” and “Which Kardashian Are You Most Like”.

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