Recent Dragon Ball Super Episode Featured Some Familiar Animation

[GIF via  AnimeAjay]

You might have noticed. You might not have. But as Twitter user AnimeAjay points out, episode 97 recycled some animation from an earlier Dragon Ball Super episodes, such as number 85.

In the Tweet below (via SankakuComplex NSFW), you can see the comparisons between the earlier numbered episodes and the recent episode 97 as well as in the next episode preview (aka "NEP"). 

As you can see, backgrounds and colours have been tweaked.

Saiyan Island points out that this isn't necessarily a bad thing! It saves the studio money. Some fans even think it's better to recycle good old animation than churn out bad new animation.

Though, there are those who wonder why Toei isn't producing good new animation. Maybe that's for future episodes.


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