RuneScape Is Coming To Phones Next Year

Image: Runescape/Jagex

RuneScape is back, people, and it's not a crappy port either.

Two versions of RuneScape will make their way to mobiles over the next two years, according to a post by Jagex. The "Old School" version of the game will hit mobiles towards the end of the year, while a "mobile client for RuneScape" would be released for Android and iOS in 2018.

"This is a mobile client for RuneScape – not a separate version of the game," the developers said. "The interfaces will be optimised for mobile, and there'll be persistent cross-platform play with the desktop version."

If you're interested in kissing away hundreds of hours of your life, again, you can register your interest through the RuneScape website.


    yay so dailyscape can follow me everywhere

    Will the old school version remain premium on mobile too? Will I have access to my old character?

    Ahh Runescape. I will never truly get over falling for a keylogger and having my party hat stolen :(

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