Scenes From Hit Anime Your Name Look Very Familiar 

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Your Name is one of the most successful anime movies ever released in Japan. Not only has it made a bunch of cash, but it's also a great film. However, a new YouTube clip alleges that Your Name lifted several sequences from other anime movies.

In the comparison below, via Yaraon!, the Your Name scenes are on the right with the "2016." On the left are scenes from Rainbow Fireflies, released in 2012, and Mamoru Hosoda's The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, released in 2006. 

I don't know if I would call these scenes rip-offs, but rather, homages? Which you see all the time in anime, video games, films, books, movies, comics, TV shows — you name it. Both Rainbow Fireflies and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time are clear influences on Your Name, which is fine, but Your Name isn't a redeaux version of either. 

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    Having watched anime for over 2 decades, the scenes in questions are actually VERY common depictions of a rural Japanese town.

    Its more likely that these scenes are so ingrained in people's (the artists, producers and directors) minds that as soon as they saw the script, the created these iconic shots immediately...

      Happens in a lot of genres. Go back and watch a few 60's westerns for example, and in those one street towns you see the same setup of the saloon on one corner, bank usually across the road, sheriffs office somewhere nearby. Or slight variations.

      As you say, it gets so ingrained that it becomes the standard for the homogenous depiction of Scene X. Anime isn't immune to that, so its pretty understandable there would be similarities across franchises.

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