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Did you guess the most recent ScribbleTaku? Gemini did: it was The Oregon Trail. Not something you'd find in a lot of classrooms in Australia, but I figured I'd continue the educational bent given Carmen Sandiego got featured earlier in the week.

But it's time for a new game.

Good luck!



    Are we still on the educational bend?
    This looks a lot like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

      Oh boy that brings back memories.

    Street Rod 1 or 2.

      This is a game I really sucked at as a child. Looking at some OLD screenshots, I think Street Rod 1 is the answer.

        Hell yeah! Street Rod was kickass! I didn't see any "city limits" signs in my search though.

        If it isn't this, I reckon he's thrown us a curve ball, and it'll end up being something like a side scrolling beat em up.

            Lovely! Didn't show up in my quick search. Not that I was looking too hard though. Man that was a good game though! Can't tell you how many gearboxes/engines I blew though! :0

              Yeah ripping game, my uncle had it on his PC. I had no idea what I was doing!!


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