Looks like everyone remembers Duck Hunt pretty fondly, then. I'm kind of surprised that I managed to draw the duck as accurately as I did, to be honest. But I've found it's nice to reach into something that everyone recognises easily every now and again. It's a fun walk down memory lane.

Let's see if we can do that again today.

Good luck!


    Destruction derby

    Spy Hunter

      This was my guess too, shout out for being wrong yo! :p

    Grand theft auto

    destruction derby!

    Destruction Derby!
    1 and 2 are some of my all time fav games.

    Destruction Derby 2

    2 had damage to the wheels as shown by the pictures, 1 didn't

      As posted below, 1 did have a ten point damage system on the PS1.

    Car from the original gta

    GTA Advanced..... But I have no clue, really. And I am sure I know exactly where it's from, I just can't remember it! Dammit!

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