Casual Prolix nearly went two for two yesterday - but it was cammobobbo who chimed in first, nailing yesterday's game as Rock n Roll Racing. Nice work, you two. One of Blizzard's early games and probably something they'll never make again, Rock n Roll was an isometric arcade racer. You can get it through Blizzard direct these days, although I think there's better arcade racers from that period.

But onto a new game! Let's see how you do.

Good luck!



    Yeah, Q*bert

    Or, J-Bird

    @alexwalker - which games are better than rock and roll racing from that period. dont say mario kart. theyre basically the same game, just with different views. sound track, voice over and the ability to power up your vehicle in Rock n roll racing make it a winner in my books.

      Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road. That was awesome.

        And a much better comparison to RnR Racing. To say Mario Kart is basically the same game is bizarre.

          Does it have to be specifically from the same year or do I get some leeway either side?

            you can have a few years either way

          its not that far fetched so they are the same. ok, i should have used the word 'similar' as in, racing games, with power ups in the 16 bit era.

        oooh, i played lots of that on my master system, i did love that game.


    Minecraft (since someone already answered Qbert)

    It feels like Q*Bert definitely but knowing the sadistic glee they take in misdirecting us it is probably something like a close-up of a bit of scenery in Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre or something.

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