Smuggler Caught With 102 iPhones Stuffed In Her Clothes

Smuggler Caught With 102 iPhones Stuffed In Her Clothes

Customs officials in Shenzhen, China have arrested a woman with 102 iPhones stuffed into her clothing.

[Images: XMNN]

Shenzhen borders Hong Kong, and, over the years, customs officials have arrested all sorts of smugglers.

According to XMNN, customs officials recently stopped a woman after noticing that the way her body bulged appeared strange. The officials searched her, discovering she was allegedly smuggling 102 iPhones of various models as well as 15 luxury wrist watches. The total weight of her haul was over 20kg.

Smuggler Caught With 102 iPhones Stuffed In Her Clothes(Image: XMNN)

[Image: XMNN]

This arrest surpasses the smuggler caught with 94 iPhones back in 2015, but not the one caught with 146 iPhones that same year. For now, that record appears unbroken.


  • Why does one need to smuggle iPhones? Are they contraband? I’m guessing they were stolen?

    • It doesn’t say which way she was travelling, but a different article about smuggling says the phones are cheaper in Hong Kong than on the mainland, and because of that, people try to sell them. The article says so many people try that there is a 1 phone per person limit when crossing the border and extra phones incur a 15% tax. So to avoid paying that they smuggle. Here, from 2016

    • I’d say her activities got pretty poor reception, but it’s not such a SIMple matter. People have been roaming across the border between HK and PRC for some time now. It’s become a Siri-ous problem for the PRC authorities.

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