Some Switch Cases With Class

Image: Waterfield

There are plenty of themed Switch cases in the wild, and some of them are pretty schmick. But if you'd like something that's a little more tasteful, these might be up your alley.

They're a series of full-grain cowhide leather pouches and cases for the Switch, made by Waterfield. Based out of San Francisco, Waterfield specialises in making messenger bags, smartphones cases and laptop sleeves. Usually their store is full of fancy pouches for iPads and the like, but more recently they've turned their eye to Nintendo's hybrid console.

Starting from $US49, here's the baseline offering for the Switch which comes in canvas or black:

Image: Waterfield

If you're willing to pay double, you can also get black, red and cowboy brown leather options.

Images: Waterfield

If you want a little more room, and would like a leather pouch that's a fraction cheaper, the Cityslicker Case goes for $US79 with no extra charge for changes in colour. You can pay extra for added attachments, like an aluminium or brass nickel carabiner, with the most expensive being $US20 for a metre-long shoulder strap.

Images: Waterfield

I don't mind that black one, actually, but it's hard to go past that natural leather look. If any of these take your fancy, note that it'll cost an extra $US15 for international priority shipping via FedEx. That's the only option I was given at checkout, anyway, but that's not too bad considering you'll only have to wait 2-3 business days. (Just remember that FedEx won't deliver to a PO box.) Now if only there was a nice padded Switch dock somewhere...


    I don't know about you, but I really want a nice laptop case/bag with a Switch pocket. That'd be my dream. Postman bag with room for both a Switch and a 15" Macbook, while still looking stylish.
    ..a man can dream.

    I've got the black city slicker for my Switch, it's magnificent.

    It looks great. I'm gonna get one next week after payday

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