Somehow, Thor’s Appearance In The Infinity War Footage Isn’t A Ragnarok Spoiler

Somehow, Thor’s Appearance In The Infinity War Footage Isn’t A Ragnarok Spoiler

Thor is in deep crap in Ragnarok. Image: Disney

The past two weekends, at two different conventions, Marvel has screened footage from Avengers: Infinity War. And each time, the first new scene in the footage, featuring Thor, gets a shocked gasp. At San Diego Comic-Con, io9 asked the director of Thor: Ragnarok about that moment and he gave a very curious answer.

When we asked director Taika Waititi if Thor’s appearance in the Infinity War footage (which we’ll spoil below) was a spoiler for his movie, he thought about it a second, and said “No, actually. No,” almost in a surprised tone, then laughed.

But now we’re really confused. Here’s why.

If you’ve read about the footage, you know it shows Thor floating in space and colliding with the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship. They bring the unconscious hero inside, Mantis wakes him up, and he teams up with them.

Obviously Thor doesn’t die in Ragnarok. He could have, but the fact that he’s alive is not really a spoiler. But, if he’s blindly floating in space, doesn’t that mean that wherever he was has been destroyed? And doesn’t that seem like a spoiler?

Yes, but maybe not a spoiler for Ragnarok.

Here’s one scenario. Maybe that explosion, or whatever kind of destruction the Guardians find Thor in, actually happens in Infinity War. Whatever happens at the end of Ragnarok happens at the end of Ragnarok. Obviously, Thor lives, and maybe he stays on Asgard. And maybe Thanos comes there to procure a little thing known as the Space Stone, aka the Tesseract, which is on Asgard. Thanos destroys everything, Thor flies off into space, the Guardians are on Thanos’ tail, and find Thor right after the destruction. Thanos, however, is already gone.

(Also of note, the footage shows Loki handing the Tesseract to someone taller than him. So maybe the Tesseract isn’t on Asgard, and Thanos just destroys it because he can.)

Here’s another scenario. Maybe the Infinity War footage isn’t Infinity War footage at all. Maybe Thor, who has short hair in the clip, meets the Guardians briefly in Ragnarok. Though… I guess that would be a spoiler for Ragnarok, depending on your definition of a spoiler.

Of course, that is all just wild conjecture, but, it goes to show there are several possible ways that the fact Thor is seen floating in space in Infinity War is not a spoiler for Ragnarok.

We’ll find out more on October 26 when Thor: Ragnarok hits theatres. And we’ll know for sure April 25, 2018, when Avengers: Infinity War comes out.


  • The conclusions people were jumping to about this scene were ridiculous… I guess if you consider the fact that Thor is ALIVE is a spoiler… well you got fuckin spoiled. Otherwise, continue your pointless speculation!

  • I would freakin love it if Thanos shows up in the final moments and utterly annihilates everything, beats Thor down like he was nothing, and then just picks him up and pegs him into space. All this time we’ve not seen exactly why Thanos is so feared in the MCU, so a scene of him showing up and giving us a small glimpse of why that is would be so great.

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