Speedrunner Beats Five Fallout Games In Under Two Hours

Image: Steam

People have spent hundreds of hours knocking off just one Fallout game, but one player only 97 minutes to beat the main Fallout games.

For reference, the Fallout Anthology consists of the first three Fallout games, Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout Tactics, although the speedrun swaps out Tactics for Fallout 4. It's a bit of a strange anthology in that sense, as it's not including one of the games in the pack, but Tactics is a notoriously miserable game to speedrun considering its difficulty and random elements.

What's neat about this latest run is that the runner, tomatoanus, provides a full running commentary of the glitches and some of the quirky things that can happen along the way. It's also just fun to see so many Fallout games smashed back to back. It's also interesting to note that Japanese is the fastest game language wise (by a couple of seconds), although it's only available on consoles.

Pretty impressive. The entire run takes just over two hours to watch, but if you eliminate load times and switching between games, the whole run is only 1:37:54.


    So the guy's name is 'tomato anus', huh. 7 minutes for Fallout 1 is sacrilege.

    and here i am with all the games including tactics installed :D

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