Street Fighter 5’s Newest Character Is Slightly Less Bulky Than He First Appeared

Street Fighter 5’s Newest Character Is Slightly Less Bulky Than He First Appeared

Final Fight‘s Abigail is now the biggest character to ever appear in the Street Fighter series, and fans aren’t pleased with his grotesque stature.

But it turns out that Abigail’s beefy appearance in the reveal trailer shown just prior to the end of the Evo 2017 Street Fighter 5 tournament was somewhat embellished. Abigail actually gets bigger when the player uses his V-Trigger ability, effectively pulling a Bane and getting juiced for a limited amount of time while the V-Gauge is still full.

The trailer shows Abigail in this state the whole time, but in practice players will be spending most of their time with Abigail in his slightly deflated state. Players have put together a few different GIFs showing the difference.

Comparison via galkatokk

Comparison via galkatokk

Image credit: Spaced Harrier

Image credit: Spaced Harrier

The irony of Capcom revealing Abigail in his pumped up form vs. his normal state is that many fans have already given the thumbs down on Canadian fighter because of his roided-out physique. The character is originally from the beat’em up Final Fight, but his appearance there is almost quaint by comparison.

Abigail, seen top-right, wasn’t even Final Fight’s biggest sprite.

Abigail, seen top-right, wasn’t even Final Fight‘s biggest sprite.

Despite the Street Fighter series’ penchant for unrealistic characters sporting physical proportions that would make even Renaissance sculptors blush, Abigail is apparently beyond the pale for some, and the fact that his true form is a bit more reasonable doesn’t change that.

As one Reddit user put it, “He’s still an awful looking character. His upper body is misproportioned (especially compared to lower body) and should simply be remade/heavily deflated.”

Outside of the introductions and winning animations, however, Abigail actually has some pretty cool animations, even if he is almost twice the size of some characters.

Abigail and the stage “Metro City Bar Area” will both be coming to the game on July 25 as part of the season pass.


  • Why do fans feel the need to whine whenever something new is announced???
    Whatever happened to having an open mind and going with the flow?

    • Maybe if they didn’t announce bad things all the time we wouldn’t have to whine 😛

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