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    Somehow it's harder to get up early for a day of great fishing than it is to watch some man-puppets flop around on stage at E3.

    But it's undoubtedly more rewarding.

    Last time i went fishing resulted in the first time my wife had eaten bream, and had eaten a fish presented whole (she'd previously only ever eaten disambiguated "fish").

    This time i floured and fried the fillets, and didn't show her what a flathead looked like until after she'd eaten it.

    She liked ugly fish until she saw that it was ugly. Poor fish, so hurtful.

      He looks so happy, like "I'm gonna be useful yay!". I haven't had flathead in years, it was always such a nice fish.

      mmm looks delicious! Last time I caught a flat head was on a beach at Maroochydore! My parents and fam went up to visit some friends of theirs (we'd often go once a month when we were younger and stay the weekend) and we went down to the beach cos the girls wanted to swim. I happened to have my Jarvis Jr rod in the car, so threw it in the waves, and like 30 seconds later, pulled out a flat head probably about half as big again as the one pictured there!
      We were all a bit shocked! Was bloody delicious though! :D

      Beauty is only skin deep, it's what is inside that counts. And what is inside is tasty, tasty fillets

    Might only be @trikeabout that cares but absolutely devastated for Ritchie Porte after last night.
    Gaming wise I've started 2 of the 5 games I bought at the steam sale which must be some sort of record for me. Stardew Valley is basically exactly what I expected. The surprise for me was Stories: Path of destinies which we have really been enjoying. Works really well as a game we can play together which is the reason I bought it.
    It is basically a choose your own adventure story with clicky, clicky death gameplay in between choices. Very basic levelling but the goal is to save the word but you play through 5 chapters of the story and get an ending. If you are lucky you learn a truth during the story that can then slightly modify the story when you restart again.
    We are enjoying trying out the different paths and looks like there are around 24 different ending. We will get the 'true' ending some day

      Yeah, gutted. Saw it live. Heart in mouth - for just a second it might have looked worse than it was, and he was looking over at Dan Martin staggering to his feet, and Porte was trying to get up. And then brain caught up with body and he collapsed back into a ball of hurt and we all knew that was it for 2017. :(

      Amazed Dan Martin only lost a minute or so. Gutted for Geraint Thomas too, taken out by another rider in a similar crash.

        Yeah was watchign it live as well, was horrible. When I saw how hard he hit the wall I was worried it might have been career ending. Was so glad to find out the next mornign it was 'only' the collarbone and pelvis.
        Think I might need to switch support over to Dan now. G doesn't bother me as much, mostly because anything that weakens the sky train is good for the race.

          "Don't call me G" crashing out bothers me because he's the best Welsh rider since Nicole Cooke retired, and I like seeing him race... :)

          Be nice to see Dan Martin do well - he's had his share of race-ending crashes when in great form too (Giro a couple of years ago, stage 1 team time trial... oopsy).

    Gettin on the back end of this headcold, thanks to my cat, who also almost managed to catch a mouse this evening.
    We only realized after we saw splotches of blood on the tiles, and Max sitting sentry-like at one spot downstairs, ears perked up.

      Or "That time a mouse died in the walls and stunk up the house for a month."

      The cat wanted it to bleed. Everything must bleed.


    Really interesting article up on USGamer about the localization of Final Fantasy XII. How they went about that world-building, the decisions about regional accents for different parts of Ivalice etc. Has interview bits with a bunch of people directly involved with it.

    I never liked FFXII that much as a game, but the plotline was strong and IMO it's still probably the high water mark for JRPG localizations. Everything is so cohesive and well throught-out and even the voice acting is stellar. One of the few games of its type that given the option I'd still rather play with English dialogue over the Japanese.

    Working through the necromancer challenges for those wings... Only challenge left is killing 500 elites with skeletons. Came up with an extremely button-mashy build with Rathma's and Jesseth's sets - trying to keep as many skeletal mages in play as possible while maintaining the skeleton warrior's frenzy, devouring every corpse for health and essence to get more mages - that lets me just run through GR50s while my skeletons obliterate everything on screen, but even with nemesis bracers it'll still take a while to get the 500 kills for the challenge...

    It's kinda sad that Innarius is the stronger set... the plaguemaster and Rathma are far more visually entertaining to use.

    Watched some more new season anime stuff. Caught the second episodes of Knights & Magic. Better than ep 1 but I'm still not sold. Annoying dopey kid protagonist is probably going to kill it for me. Really strong case of the irrits whenever he says or does anything. Also quite sick of Isekai shows where the protagonist is a flawless mary sue / gary stu, it's so hard to make it work in a compelling way.

    Also gave Fate/Apocrypha a second episode and ehh. Still not sold on it. Improved a bit I guess. Doesn't have the right feel to it though. Not nearly dark enough. No atmosphere. Annoying trap character that the internet has gone gay for suddenly. It's not terrible though so I guess I'll watch more maybe?

    In terms of premieres, I watched the first two episodes of Katsugeki Touken Ranbu. Second attempt at adapting the game, after the first one didn't really grab me, but this time it's ufotable and their involvement was enough to get me to take a look, at least. It seems halfway decent for what it is (and what it is is a re-skin of Kantai Collection in which various famous Japanese swords are personified as attractive guys and are sent back in time to various historical Japanese periods to stop some nefarious enemy from changing history). Execution works well. Very well animated with ufotable's brand of seamless integration of 3D effects. What it made me upset about was that Touken Ranbu got this, but Kantai Collection got an utterly disappointing adaptation. I don't know if I'll stick with this but it's okay.

    I'd been hearing some comparisons between Princess Principal and Noir over the weekend so decided to give that a try. People are on fucking crack. Anyway, it's an action show about spies. Spies in Edwardian-era London, except it's a weird Steampunk London with airships and stuff, where the city has been divided in two with a wall and one side is some kind of totalitarian state. And this was all sounding fucking great, then throw in a Yuki Kajiura soundtrack and I'm very interested. But it's Japan so they basically fuck everything up by making the show about a bunch of "spies" that are also schoolgirls that hang out in an upper class private girl's school in between doing "spy" work. Tries to be dark and edgy. Doesn't really manage it. Kajiura's work is more like her modern stuff too, understated and pedestrian except when it is farcically inappropriate for the scene. She doesn't seem to compose in the style that she had in the 00s any more, and that makes me sad. The more subdued style she's developed into was a perfect fit for Kara no Kyoukai, but I really miss the multi-part vocal harmonies and distinctive weird keyboard stuff from shows like .hack and Noir. Wish she'd go back to it. Anyway, this show was disappointing but only because I got a little bit excited. Objectively speaking it wasn't bad, may give it another few episodes to see if it has a plot worth caring about, there's some potential here and maybe the soundtrack improves.

    To end on a positive note, I also watched episode 1 of Made in Abyss and it's absolutely excellent. Main character is a little girl living in an orphanage in a city on the edge of the Abyss, which seems to be a bottomless sinkhole filled with tons of amazing relics buried inside. Adventurers delve deep into the Abyss, and often die in there, thus the orphanage. Our heroine is in training to do the same, and on an expedition encounters a robot boy that rescues her from a monster then stops functioning. The visuals in this are stunning. Beautiful backgrounds, and the character designs are quite unique (reminded me a little of Strawberry Marshmallow but it's a different artist). Cute and rounded. I got some real strong Ghibli vibes from elements of the show (especially Laputa), and the orphanage setting plus the main character who's basically an accidental troublemaker because of her combination of stupidity and innocence reminds me a lot of Little Witch Academia as well. Really strongly recommend giving this a look, if it maintains the level of quality it has then it'll be one of the top shows of the year.

      I'm going to give into the abyss a shot then. It sounded interesting so I was considering it, but I'd been so disappointed by everything else, I kinda gave up.

        Definitely worth it. Dunno if it's streaming in AU though.

          Ended up watching it. Enjoying it so far.


    Looks a lot like The Witness, massive nods to anime, Ico, Journey (soundtrack and feel for sure). More puzzly than Journey or Abzu, but very chilled and beautiful. Very much enjoying it so far, I needed something relaxed to play as life is megabusy.

      Do you think it's worth the price, given how short it reportedly is?

        Ask me again when I'm done. I got it for $59.

          Its been 8 days. Was it worth the price? :p

            Destiny 2 beta arrived... ;)

            Got the weekend to myself as Mrs Trike's off on a "spa weekend" with her bestie. This may or may not be a euphemism. Anyway, I'm planning on playing more of Rime

    Hey guys,

    Thinking of selling off my launch PS4 to a mate so I can get a PS4 Pro, what do you think is a fair price? It hasn't had a lot of use, and has been kept in a smoke free environment. I'm thinking $175-200, since EB Games want $368 for the new look 500GB PS4 for pre owned. But i'm also thinking i'll just ask them how much for trade in with my EB World card i'd get and go from there. He wants a PS4 and he's a good mate so i'm happy to give him a good deal.

      I'd probably figure out the EB trade price, and go from there. Historically, I've done stuff like that, and added 10% onto the trade price before listing on EB or FB BSS groups etc.

        Yeah I think that's my best idea. I'd be buying the PS4 Pro first however & giving him the new controller & accessories that come with that, cause my original DS4 is being used for my Steam Link & it needs new analog stick heh :P

          PS4 pro comes with the DS4-2 with the light bar on the touch pad... :)

            Yeah but I have a 20th anniversary controller, which I use & love :P

    Woo I get my tax back tomorrow. Need to locate a decent NAS enclosure though, well when I say NAS, just a case that I can stick my existing system in, not a NAs solution like QNAP, Synology etc have.

    I have my eyes on the Silverstone DS380B buuuut it's not available at Umart & is a pre-order only item, which means who knows when it'd be in stock cause I know they'd never be able to tell me, heh.

    So I need to find something that will hold 5x 3.5" drives and at least 1x 2.5" SSD, I have an SFX PSU in my current NAS, so I will be using that, so yeah. I'm thinking around the $200 price point, since the Silverstone one is around $180-ish.

      I could probably go for something like a Fractal Design Node 304, which fits my needs, albeit being probably a bit big for the space I have.

        I'm probably needing to do some similar research soon. I have an off-the-shelf high-end QNAP NAS that I built close to 4 years ago so and it's been on constantly. I used to run Plex off it, but the Atom in it isn't strong enough to transcode and I need transcoding to watch stuff with subtitles on the TV, so my desktop is currently running those duties. More importantly though, it's a 9tb RAID5 (4 disks) and currently only has 500gb free. The NAS itself is working fine but it's been End of Lifed so it's only getting security patches now, no new firmware. :(

        My main issue right now is deciding whether to splurge for one of the newer QNAP boxes that has an i3 or i5 in it, or to instead build a small home server. QNAP is good but the inflexible unix fork they use can be a pain (eg getting FlexGet working again after having to manually update their fork of Python was a week-long nightmare) and it'd be nice to lengthen the lifespan of my desktop a bit by turning it off when I don't need it. I also never got my VPN working on it over OpenVPN after I changed my password a few months back and the PPTP solution it has as a fallback is flaky.

        On the other hand, the benefit of a turnkey solution like an off the shelf NAS is they're much smaller and generally feature-rich, plus when they're working they work well. And when you factor in the cost of a good battery-backed RAID card it can get quite expensive to build your own.

          I already have the hardware, just want another one or 2 hard drives & a new case that will hold them. Will also re-do the system and set up something like FreeNAS to manage it all. The little dual core i3 I use handles PLEX real well, especially 1080P files, which surprised me.

      I can't seem to find anywhere in QLD that stocks them, even my wholesalers.
      I found a great alternative to what you want though. It's actually got 2 more bays (internal) but 6 externally accessible hot swap spaces, and PC Casegear currently has it on sale for $149 (normal price is $219)

      Scorptec also have the one you listed above in stock, as well as this one, but their price is $219 atm.

        I love that case, but it's only got room for 2.5" drives :( I'm thinking of going for this version of it that has 2x 3.5" & 2x 2.5" drive bays & it's only $120! I really don't need a heap of storage, i'm thinking 8TB in total is more than plenty for what I need lol.

          Usually there are holes to mount 2.5" drives in the 3.5" bays, but if not, you can buy mounting brackets to make them fit for only a few $

            That's not my issue dude, the case you linked only has room for 2.5" drives, where as I am using 3.5" drives :P

              ahh ic. perhaps it was the other one that had the different sizes then (without the HB at the end)

                Yeah there's the one you linked which only takes 2.5" drives, then there's the one I linked which takes 2x 2.5" drives along with 2x 3.5" drives. I'm only going to be running 2x 3.5" drives & one SSD. So it's not like I need much space.

    Ys Seven is no longer going to be stuck on PSP:

    So you all will have no excuse for not playing the best game in the series.

      For those playing at home, the next 6 months or so is a massive Falcom release binge:
      - Tokyo Xanadu (Vita) just released
      - Trails of Cold Steel (PC) in August
      - Zwei II (PC) some time "this summer"
      - Ys Seven (PC) later "this summer"
      - Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (PC/PS4/Vita) September 12th
      - Tokyo Xanadu ex+ (PS4/PC) late 2017

      Presumably Cold Steel II will follow soon after the first game, maybe by end of the year. And you've got to think that Ys: Memories of Celceta is in line for a PC port at some point too, if Seven was - Celceta actually sold more copies worldwide than it did in Japan.

    Day three of a family visit interstate. The withdrawals from crash bandicoot n sane trilogy are really starting to set in. No PS4 and no video games make a Zac go crazy ?

    For the love of god somebody help me!

    Holy shit. This Ethereum Cryptocurrency Mining boom has really sent GPU prices up. My EVGA GTX SC Black Edition 1070, I paid $540 AUD for it shipped from Newegg. It's currently sitting at about $800 AUD on eBay. It's worth selling it & buying an EVGA SC Black Edition 1080Ti off Newegg for $984 AUD shipped.

      Yeah the current retail for them is running from about $690-790. Stock has only just started coming back in though, so it'll no doubt drop over the coming weeks. If you're gonna do it, do it now, cos it might not last for too long. Especially given there are actual dedicated mining cards out there now.

        Oh so the mining cards finally released? Amusing since the price of Ethereum has fallen quite a bit lol.

          yeah i got an email from one place the other day saying they were either in stock, or arriving this week. Can't recall now. Basically a vid card with no outputs though. So I'd expect things to normalize over the next few weeks.

            Most will have a DVI out put . They also have more of something to mine more efficiently. Also mostly they have a warranty of 3 months haha. I'm amazed it's taken GPU brand this long to cash in on the Cryptocurrency thing honestly.

              The ones I saw definitely had no outputs at all. Not much point in them having any. Haven't seen any models that do yet, but anything's possible I guess.

                Yeah the MSI & I think Gigabyte ones I saw had simple DVI & or HDMI. But the ASUS & Nitro ones didn't.

            Also I probably wouldn't sell my 1070, since it's such a good overclocking card. I have it stable at just over 500MHz it's base clock, so nearing 2.1GHz in total, and I only get temps in the low 70's with a moderate, but not aggressive fan curve.

              When you overclocked it, is it as simple as upping the power target in PrecisionX?

              I've got a 1080FTW and wouldn't mind giving it a bit of a bump.

              Last edited 20/07/17 9:56 am

                I just upped the memory & gpu clock offset when it crashed I kept backing it off until it was stable. Didn't touch the power or voltage, but if I upped both i'd probably get 2.2GHz out of the GPU & probably 5GHz out of the memory.

    \o/ bought parts to extend my NAS/PLEX server last night. New case, another NAS hard drive (those WD RED ones are whisper quiet, I never hear it) & a new SSD.

      Sweet! I found another possibly suitable case for you yesterday from BitFenix. Wasn't sure if you'd purchased or not though, so didn't post the link. Which case did you end up getting?

    Heh. Someone filled out this survey the Tweed Shire Council was doing on cat ownership with my details, I just had the council ring me saying I was one of the winner. Had to tell them I never filled in the survey though, despite having 2 cats. The prize was cat stuff worth $25, so probably some toys & treats. Stuff my cats aren't overly interested in because of their age (15 & 19).

      Who has your details? Had to be someone you know, surely?

        I think I know who it is. Someone I disowned a few years ago for being a child & not wanting to mature. Despite being 26 lol..

    Hi I'm getting my tax return back next week. So am looking to build my first PC budget will be 1500ish. Wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Cheers

      First thing's first. Do you have an existing pc that you wish to bring parts across from, and are you looking to include monitor, keyboard and mouse within that budget?

        Might add a second monitor or will at least down the road. Also need a new keyboard maybe a mechanical one not sure. If i add the second monitor budget will go upto $2k. thanks for your help

          To clarify existing monitor and mouse will be transferred across if that wasn't clear

            Ok. I put together a little something if you're looking for an Intel system. It does come out slightly above your $1500 budget, but not by much, and bear in mind, this is just parts picked from one store. I had a quick look around at a few stores, and there are cheaper prices available on some items, so you should be able to shave off more if you look around.
            Also, things like the case can vary greatly in price. There are cases around that come with 550W power supplies in them for about $55, so it's just a matter of preference. Normally I'd recommend getting a separate PSU/Case, but given your budget, it's a bit tight, and something like the case/psu combo I picked, will be more than adequate to start you off.
            (Note that Virus neglected to include Windows 10 in the system, hence why I had to squeeze a little more)
            You can always upgrade stuff later on when you have more money to play with.
            I also left off the keyboard, as there's a real personal preference with keyboards in terms of layouts, but to give you an idea, you can get mechanical keyboards for as little as $75, or up to several hundred.
            Since you already have a monitor, I left it off for now, but if you do want some recommendations, happy to help.

            With that said, it should be a pretty ripper system. The motherboard has Intel PHY ethernet, so it's directly connected to the CPU (no overhead from having to run through a chipset) and if you install Windows 10 on the M.2 drive, this thing will fly! You won't have tons of space to work with given the drive is only 250GB, but you should have at least 200Gb left for programs and a few games. Most games will run perfectly fine off the normal HDD though.

              Imo scrap the copy of windows & pick up a key off somewhere like & get the .iso from Microsoft & load it on to a USB. I've been doing that for years and I pay about $35 AUD for Windows heh.

              Why a 7600k? It doesn't come with a cooler, so you're gonna need to throw in another at least $40 there, and it's a good $200 more than an equivalent AM4 quadcore CPU by that point.. I'd personally go for a Ryzen 5 1500X, comes with a beefy stock cooler, overclockable with a B350 board & has only a 65w TDP!

                must have clicked the wrong one. Was supposed to be 7600. I'm just offering options. As for the windows, as I said, there are other cheaper options for some of the parts I listed, but I included it because it's a standard part of a system build as far as I'm concerned, and given he's never built a pc before, it's likely that he may not be aware of other ways to get keys, and I certainly wouldn't recommend getting a key from an overseas site unless I knew 100% they knew what they were doing. This way he gets a disk (or USB stick if you prefer) to install from, which saves a lot of hassle.
                I'm not denying an AMD system is a suitable alternative, but it's always best to give options. That said, the Intel system would likely outperform the AMD over all, given the higher clock rate and up to 4.1Ghz turbo boost. The 960 EVO would leave the 850 EVO wimpering in a trail of dust as it blasts off in to the sunset too ;) heheheh

                  Faaaaaair call, I mean i'm an Intel Fanboy, and go with them for my preferred computers. Cause I still think AMD is meh. Even though Ryzen has proved that not to be true haha.

                  Well personally speaking i've never had a single issue or heard of anyone having one, I only use it because Paul Heimlich from Paul's Hardware recommended them and found them trustworthy.

                  Also I derped, for some reason the 960 wasn't showing up with PCCG when I used PC PartPicker, I swapped it out since it was maybe $40 more :P I did just buy one for my HTPC tho cause it doesn't have M.2 the stupid thing.

                  @virus (also replied below and forgot to tag - damn limited reply chains!)
                  That sucks about the lack of M.2 on your board. :\ Cos while it might be $40 more than the 850, that $40 is sooo worth it if you can use it! 850 has a read/write of about 550MB/sec, while the 960 is a whopping 3200MB/sec! That's great bang for $! :)
                  I'm certainly not against people buying AMD stuff if they want. Not my choice to make. in the old days, I wouldn't normally bother speccing an AMD system for quotes unless they specifically asked for it, simply cos the performance didn't stack up, but the Ryzen series has put them almost in line with Intel now, so i would have actually put together an option similar to yours as well had you not posted it first. :) Saved me the trouble :)

                Also, not sure where you got the $200 more from? The 7600K is only like $80 more than the Ryzen 1500X. The 7600 is only about $60 more.

                  Thanks fellas. Really appreciate the advise.

                  Whoops. My bad. Yeah $80 more, but for a k variant you'd need a cooler, so you could be adding anywhere from $30-100+ on top of that $80.

                  Yeah i didn't mean to pick the K. Since it's his first build, unlikely he'll be overclocking, so not much point. Only .3GHz faster base clock speed too, so not a huge improvement (worth $20 if you were keen on overclocking/had money, but no real need for it :)

                  @staram No probs. If you have any follow up questions or whatever, just tag away. Happy to help

      It all depends what you want to play & at what resolution & as @welbot said if you have any thing from your current computer you wish to use etc.

      But if you already have a keyboard, mouse, monitor & speakers/headset. Then for $1500 you could look at a system like this with an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD & 2TB hard drive for a little over $1400, that is if you want to build it yourself/have someone willing to lend a hand. That will play most modern games at max settings at 1080P & probably medium settings at 1440P.

      Last edited 20/07/17 3:09 pm

    So I decided to write a new children's story based on my evening

    That's not my baby, her yell is too soft
    That's not my baby, her plate is too empty
    That's not my baby, her room is too clean
    That's not my baby, her face is too clean
    That's my baby, her kisses are so Liverpool

    Also I may have a broken nose

    @morkai it seems you replied to me but your comment may be in moderation because I cannot see it?

      Yeeeeeppp. I stupidly made a small edit to it, and now it's disappeared down the black hole.


    Green Jersey! :)

      Has totally ruined Friday's stage for me now though. Was looking forward to a final battle on the Champs elysees where the green jersey would be decided.

      Looks good on him though

        Well yeah, it was shaping up to be a very exciting last couple of days.

        But that's cycling.

        And yes it looks very good on him.

          What do you think about tonight?
          Have a feeling it is going to be sky train up the final climb with some half hearted attacks from Bardet with the rest defending positions

            No idea. Dan Martin might have a crack. Don't think he's strong enough though.

            Anyway it's on now. *settles in with a cuppa*

              Dan Martin had a crack, and wasn't strong enough. :)

    What the fuck. Chester of Linkin Park died, alleged suicide. Well that's some terrible terrible news. Even though Linkin Park weren't what I grew up with in more recent years, still they were great live when I saw them.

      Damn, that really sucks... LP were my gateway drug to heavy rock and metal; I still remember that shitty little DBZ FMV I found set to Numb... it was literally that song that drew me away from my parents' 70s rock'n'roll... and I still tear up at Breaking the Habit...

        Yeah it does. He had an amazing voice. Just like Chris Cornell did :/ He must've had some serious demons to want to commit suicide :(

      I never liked them myself. Bit too.... pop-rock for me I think. It is a tragic shame to see people go like that though.

        Yeah. I mean Chester had an awesome voice, especially live. But Linkin Park were never my thing. I was (still am) into Slipknot. Even a bit of Limp Bizkit lol.

    \o/ my new SSD, case & second HDD for my NAS arrived yesterday! Just been stuffing around all night cable managing it & all that good stuff. Now just downloading FreeNAS so I can utilise the system to it's full extent.

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