That Time Someone Made Tony Abbott In Fallout 4

Image: Imgur (SaturdayMorningStrategy)

Given that Fallout already has a Commonwealth, it only makes sense that they have a Prime Minister to go with it.

The former Prime Minister was added into Fallout 4 a couple of years ago, although it appeared during the Christmas holidays so it flew under the radar. I can't find any listings on NexusMods or the Bethesda mods page, so it's more likely that Abbott found his way to post-apocalyptic Boston by way of the custom character creator.

SaturdayMorningStrategy posted a little story about Tony's time in the wasteland on Imgur, and you have to appreciate the likeness (even if the real Abbott isn't this ripped):

Image: Imgur (SaturdayMorningStrategy)

"Tony emerges from the vault, and the first thing he finds is a source of clean, green fusion cores," the description reads. "One day in office and he's already made a new mine!"

Good. Stick to character.

Image: Imgur (SaturdayMorningStrategy)

"Tony hasn't rebuilt the lodge yet, but the Red Rocket Truck Stop will have to for now."

Image: Imgur (SaturdayMorningStrategy)

Makes me wonder what other politicians have journeyed through the Commonwealth. Anyone want to mod Bronwyn Bishop in with a chopper?


    I wanna mod Malcolm Turnbull in, half way through the game with Tony Abbott, but leave in all the choices I made as Abbott. Then give me the option to either stick with the old choices or choose new ones... but no matter which way I go, I have to choose the old ones or my sidekicks come along and oust me.

    I also have dozens of bottlecap factories around the place noone has access to but me :D

    I'm glad to know they wouldn't last 5 minutes in the Wastelands, real or virtual.

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