The Best Deals From The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Under $30

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Microsoft aren't quite as active when it comes to massive storewide sales, but when one does come around there's usually a ton of deals worth paying attention to. Case in point: the latest Ultimate Game Sale, which has a lot of decent offers if you don't want to spend more than $30.

You can find the full list on the Xbox website or directly through the Store on your console. I'll try to list as many good offers as I can below; note that all prices are for Games With Gold members. I've tried to keep everything listed in order of price, but it's a fairly sizeable list, so if something is out of place just yell at me in the comments.

OK, phew. That's a fairly chunky list. You can find a few more if you're willing to dig as well: other Resident Evil remasters are going for the same price, Worms W.M.D is under $20 and ABZU is going for just over $16. There's also decent prices on games like Far Cry Primal and Tomb Raider, but a lot of people would have those games already, or would have picked them up for cheaper at retail.

So Xbox owners, rejoice. The discounts shall rain until July 10, possibly the early morning of July 11th. See anything you like? Let us know!


    Grabbed the dark souls 3 season pass for $15.20, great deal as the individual dlcs sell for 19 each i think

    I bought SUPERHOT and Get Even, and knocked off SUPERHOT last night; great, great game. Well worth $17. Perhaps not worth full price considering it's a few hours long, though I didn't delve into the post-game content.

      I picked up get even as well, was surprised to see it on sale already

    At least we get the sale over here - more than can be said for the current Sony sale that's US only!

    I went for Dark Souls 3 too, no idea when I'll fit it in, but the game plus all DLC for <$50 was too much to say no to! Also picked up the witness as the internet seems to like it, on the fence with Far Cry Primal - I just couldn't get into 4 and gave up, yet i loved 3?

    Wasn't Tales from the Borderlands a free game a few months back? If not (or you haven't got it) then it's a steal at that price, also recommend Superhot

      this always amazes me.. it's easy to create a US PSN account, then you buy PSN vouchers in USD from Amazon and you get cheaper game prices than Australia does. If you want to buy US PS+ membership for even cheaper prices then do that.. you can still game online in Oz with no differences at all.

        Ah ok, only got a PS a couple of months back, didn't know this was a thing, thanks for the heads up.

    Finally bought The Witness. I'm a massive Braid fan and thought Limbo and Inside were overrated. So far the Witness is quite challenging!

    Quantum Break is a massively underrated game for anyone interested in buying it. Great mechanics and the TV shows are lots of fun!

    Overcooked co-op is hilariously, infuriatingly, friendship- and relationship-destroyingly awesome.

    Tossing up between Dark Souls III dlc and The Witness.

    I did however buy Pac Man CE DX on the 360 (BC) for a whopping $2.48!!!

      Good spot on Pac Man, they don’t list the prices for 360 games on the online store and I would have missed that. Thanks!
      I love having these types of old-games just sitting on the HDD.

      It makes me even more depressed when Nintendo can’t get their shit together! Why can’t I buy SNES games for $2 each and put them on my Switch!

        The 360 store (both on console and the Web) is a dumpster fire and it must be impossible to fix because every time they do something to the store it just makes it worse!

    I grabbed Terraria for $5. Great fun! Got my monies worth, 10+ hours sunk into it already.

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