The Internet Reacts To The Game Of Thrones Premiere

The Internet Reacts To The Game Of Thrones Premiere

The Game Of Thrones Season 7 premiere came after a longer than usual wait, so it’s not surprising everyone had something to say about it — some good and some bad. The premiere wasn’t just the most watched episode, but the most tweeted as well, so we’ve gathered some of the best tweets, memes and reactions.

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Twitter has revealed the three most tweeted moments from the premiere, in order:

  • Disguised as Walder Frey, Arya Stark poisons the remaining Frey family during the opening scene
  • Ed Sheeran’s (slightly controversial) cameo
  • Daenerys and Tyrion land at Dragonstone in the episode’s final scene

It also named the five most mentioned characters throughout the entire episode (surprisingly Ed Sheeran doesn’t make the cut):

  • Arya Stark
  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • Sansa Stark
  • Cersei Lannister
  • Jon Snow

The most tweeted moment was also the one that opened the whole show: Arya Stark being a total badass. It’s probably the first time mass murder has been met with a cheer in this show, but fans were 100 per cent behind it:

People were also digging her hard-earned disguise skills, learned from the Faceless Men.

In what’s quickly becoming a theme, the next scene had more of our favourite badass Northerner, Lyanna Mormont. Turns out Twitter loves little girls who can also kick ass. Who knew?

Who needs gratuitous tits and violence when you have this level of sass playing out on screen?

Next we moved down to King’s Landing where Euron Greyjoy had just landed his gigantic fleet of ships. We uh… had some questions about that particular detail.

Reactions to the new (and improved?) version of Euron were varied. People were generally impressed by the level of shade directed at Jaime:

They were not, however, at all impressed by his grungy Hot Topic look, complete with Johnny Depp levels of guyliner.

Thank god we got to rest our eyes next up by going to Sam in the Citadel who was… no wait, I’d rather go back to Euron Greyjoy’s awkward emo rock swagger. Fans were grudgingly impressed by the fact that this scene was somehow more confronting than all the prior sex, violence and beloved character deaths in Game Of Thrones put together.

Others felt some level of kinship with Sam and his (literally) shitty job.

“Haha this whole restricted section thing sounds like Harry Potter.”
“Oh. Really?

Despite Slughorn turning up in a very Slughorn-y role, there was just one cameo in last night’s episode that really got people talking. Yes, you know who it is.

Let’s just say the majority of Thrones fans were not keen on the Sheeran cameo. It was supposedly bad enough that Ed has even deleted his Twitter account.

Some people didn’t mind the cameo.

Others thought that putting him in the Riverlands was missing out on a wonderfully cringeworthy opportunity…

Some people just didn’t care (but they still tweeted about it anyway)

Despite Ed, the general consensus seemed to be that the season has been set off to a banging start — that is, if you could actually watch it at all. Whoops.


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