The Nintendo Switch Phone App Goes Live With Splatoon 2

During today's Nintendo Direct, Splatoon 2 showcased a mobile feature called SplatNet 2. It will be available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online phone app coming alongside the game on July 21.

SplatNet 2 is a mobile phone feature that connects players to the game while they're on the go. Here's what we know:

  • Players will be able to review their previous matches and player statistics, and examine the gear load out of allies and opponents.
  • A schedule will keep track of upcoming events such as map rotations for Ranked Battles and Splatfests.
  • Lifetime inkage is tracked, telling players how much ink they have fired. Players can check to see which real life monuments they could have covered with all of their ink.
  • Gear is available for purchase, which can then be picked up later in the game's hubworld Inkopolis Square.

These features are accessed as part of the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online phone app, available for iOS and Android on July 21. The app can be used to organise private matches and make teams. Players will receive a push notification when invited to a match. Voice chat is also handled with this app, providing an excuse to buy one of those ridiculous third party voice chat set up devices or get fed up and use Discord instead.


    "that connects players to the game while they're on the go."

    ....isn't that what the switch is supposed to do?

      Switch doesn't have built in 4g or anything. Not really a reason cos you can just hot spot from the phone that has the app on it but I'm just trying to understand the logic.

        Ha, yeah, I guess I was just thinking that there are articles that say there is offline LAN play on switch for splatoon 2 (for up to 8 people I believe), so it's not like you can't access the game at all while you are on the go. I mean, I guess player stats and checking out gear etc are useful in some way, but I'm not sure why this info cannot be stored locally as well and just updated when you connect online? Because wouldn't some kind of update of info have to happen anyway or do LAN games not count for lifetime inkage or anything? Who knows. lol

    Gonna be mad when there's no web version like the original Splatnet.

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