The Real Battlegrounds Map

Image: Reddit (u/Gett_Got)

This is really what Battlegrounds is like.

If you've played enough rounds in the battle royale nightmare that is PUBG, you'll know that each area of the map has its own character. Some areas are more fruitful, shall we say, than others. Cars are more likely to spawn in some areas than others; you've got a better chance of finding weapons in bases than coastal towns.

But the game doesn't give you any of that information, so Gett_Got on Reddit made a more helpful guide for everyone.

Think of it as an Honest Map for Battlegrounds.

Image: Reddit (u/Gett_Got)



    I call bs, west coast is pretty decent in solos. Especially if you start from dome. As someone sitting at a reasonable 16% on chicken dinners in solo, I think there is less emphasis on getting mil spec guns and more on good positioning, meaning that the less chaotic west coast is good for slower players like me.

      Agreed, I frequently go to the 'no point' zone, even in squads and duos. You'll almost always find a car and there are lots of clusters of buildings close to each other.

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