The Tokyo Olympics Is Embracing The Akira Anime

[Photo: Akira Blu-ray | Bandai | ASCII]

When the Tokyo Olympics were first announced in 2013, there were immediate comparisons to Akira's 2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympics. Now, the real 2020 games are not shying away from those comparisons but embracing them in a recent promotional event.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government held a projection mapping event this week with a "Three Years To Go!" clip to count down the upcoming Olympic games.

東京2020オリンピック、3年前カウントダウンセレモニーへ? ※仕事です。 都庁広場はものすごい人だかり。 オリンピアン・パラリンピアンの方々やTOKIOさんもゲストとして場を盛り上げ? 今日からフラッグツアーが全国へ? 「みんなのメダルプロジェクト」も回収BOXを展開して携帯電話・パソコン・小型家電を回収してます? オリンピックもあと3年! 選手のためのメダル作りもそうですが、大会終了後も継続されるためにも小型家電リサイクル頑張ります。 #olympic#paralympic#olympicparalympic#tokyo2020#tokyoolympic#olympics#olympicgames#tokyo#shinjuku#オリンピック#パラリンピック#東京2020#東京オリンピック#オリパラ#あと3年#プロジェクションマッピング#新宿#都庁#ストーリー上げたい動画あったのに長過ぎて使えず?

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The clip, which you can see below, featured various scenes of Tokyo. This part stood out:

[GIF: 坂三弘]

[GIF: 坂三弘]

Of course, the iconic Kaneda bike slide was included. Here's the sequence from different angles:

Or watch the full clip:

This is the first I've seen Akira be officially involved with the 2020 Olympics. Don't be surprised if it shows up again in future promotional clips.


    Holy crap I would be all over the Olympics broadcast if it were Akira themed.

    Well its way better than having a corporate icon of a racist itallian stereotype who takes performance enhancing shrooms and cheats at go kart racing be the spokesperson for your (not-italian) country and (drug-free) international sporting event.

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