The Weekend In Esports: DreamHack Atlanta, Counter-Strike Finals In Poland

With Evo now in the rear-view mirror, the focus this weekend shifts to the Poland for a major Counter-Strike tournament and Atlanta for the latest DreamHack LAN.

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Below you'll find where and when you can catch all the weekend's biggest events in competitive gaming. Let us know what you'll be watching in the comments or if you think there's something we might have missed. You can find a complete list of tournaments being held this weekend at DreamHack and their schedules here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The PGL Major Kraków 2017 semifinals got underway earlier with Gambit Esports vs. Astralis, while Immortals vs. Virtus Pro was scheduled for 4:00AM AEST. The grand finals, meanwhile, are slated for Monday at 1:00AM AEST, after which the winner will take home half a million from the Valve-sponsored tournament. After SK Gaming and Cloud9, the two dominant teams at ESL One Cologne, were knocked out during the quarter finals, Kraków is on its way to becoming an all-euro affair unless South America's Immortals can rise to the occasion.

Matches will be streaming live here.

CS:GO will have DreamHack Atlanta semifinals kicking off Monday at 12:00AM AEST. The grand finals will take place later in the day at 7:00AM AEST with all of the matches streaming here.

Rocket League

Atlanta will also be home to a big Rocket League tournament, with a long roster of competing teams that span both recent champions and rising stars. Matches are ongoing all weekend with the quarter finals starting earlier this morning, followed eventually by grand finals starting about an hour ago. You can catch all of the games live in the stream embedded below:

League of Legends

It's one to week seven of the summer split with matches beginning in Europe between Vitality and G2. Then stateside Team Solo Mid look to put some distance between themselves and the rest of the table leaders with a win against close rival Dignitas.

A schedule for all of the weekends LCS matches as well as the action in South Korea and China can be found here with all of the matches streaming live on each region's respective channel (NA, EU, China, Korea).

Smash Bros.

A not so shocking finish in Melee at Evo 2017 was followed by a show stopper in Smash 4 that saw Salem edge out ZeRo for the title. This weekend, the Diddy Kong god will be looking to right the ship with a win at DreamHack Atlanta.

You can find times for pools and top 8 here. Matches will be streaming live here.

Dota 2

In the world of Dota 2, all is not entirely quiet leading up to TI7, with Dream League Season 7 playoffs filling the gap this weekend. The $US175,000 ($221,155) event will see Planet Odd face Secret in the lower bracket after which the winner will meet Team Liquid in the grand finals.

The best-of-five series will be streaming here.

Street Fighter 5

Capcom's fighter will also be at DreamHack. Matches will be streamed here.

Heroes of the Storm

Welcome to week five of the second phase, the last before the winter's Western and Eastern clash events. You can find a complete schedule for both regions as well as current standings here. The matches themselves will be streaming live here.


The Hearthstone Grand Prix event at DreamHack is already underway as players hunt for a piece of the $US25,000 ($31,594) prize pool and HCT points for placement at the Championship this spring.

You can watch all of the matches here.

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty Pro League will wrap up its group stage matches this weekend, with teams than being sorted into the bracket for bracket stage of the $US700,000 ($884,620) tournament taking place at the end of the month. You can watch the remaining matches here.

World of Warcraft

The EU Cup for WoW Arena fighters is going on this weekend as well. You can find the complete bracket for the event here, while matches will be streaming live here.


    Wow ... not even a single mention of Overwatch World Cup ... here in Australia ... 11am Eastern on 7mate ... first commercial broadcast of esport in the country and it's not even glossed over but omitted all together?

      Crazy how there's no mention of overwatch, especially since Australia are doing us proud!
      7mates coverage had issues, where the top of the screen (showing the team names!) Was hidden, but it's great to see none the less. Kotaku had an article on it originally, which is odd why there is no mention here.. disjoint.

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