These Switch Grips Were Made For Punching

Image: Cults 3D

If you've been throwing out punches in Arms and wished the Joycons were a little more practical, here's a set of grips that changes everything.

The knuckleduster-like Joycons are a 3D printed add-on to the Switch controllers, which you can grab for free from Cults 3D. The end weight of the attachments is about 16 grams, and the designer notes that there's a version with support included to ensure that the knuckle grips fit the Joycons smoothly.

If you have access to a 3D printer, and you'd like to make your Switch a little more accommodating, you also might want to check out this grip that allows the Joycons to be held in a similar more akin to a PS4 or Xbox controller:

Not as cool as neon knuckledusters, though.


    These Switch Grips Were Made For Punching

    [Singing] And that's just what they'll do.


    "A set of grips that changes everything"

    I hope those knuckledusters are only used for playing the Nintendo Switch fighting game ARMS because I've seen people getting busted by border control officers for carrying illegal knuckledusters at international airports but I hope those knuckledusters will be used for Nintendo Switch hardware only.

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