This LSD-Fuelled Rick And Morty Trailer May Actually Give You A Contact High

Image: Not Justin Roiland va YouTube

With Rick and Morty being just days away from its third season premiere, Justin Roiland and Cartoon Network have been dropping a series of weird, unsettling shorts to get everyone back in the mood, as it were. This new trailer for the show's upcoming third season, however, takes it about 1800 steps further.

In it, Morty drops some acid (literally) and goes on the type of mindfuck journey that normally requires tagging along with your alcoholic mad scientist grandfather on one of his madcap adventures. In nearly each of his terrifying, drug-induced visions, Morty imagines himself being murdered by Rick in all sorts of fun and unusual ways, like being eaten alive or sacrificed in a Mayan temple by his entire family.

Remember, the safest way to consume Rick and Morty is to do it with an experienced guide who will sit with you throughout your experience and make sure that you don't become overwhelmed by the madness of it all. So please plan appropriately when Rick and Morty comes back to Adult Swim on July 30.


    That's got to be one of the highest effort trailers/promos I've ever seen.

    Unsure how they came up with some of that. :)

      Fractal dust, Morty. They took fractal dust.

      they ingested copious amounts of LSD, Listened to Pink Floyd and The Beetles. And then wrote it.

    am i the only one who wishes they would have added some dr. katz style animation in there somewhere?

    nice spoiler.. the title alone is the spoiler. the lsd trip was the punchline.. rolls eyes

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