This Video Shows The Biggest Differences Between Sam Raimi And Marc Webb's Spider-Man Films

Two Peter Parkers. Image: Google

Most people would agree Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies are superior to Marc Webb's Spider-Man movies. The question then becomes, "Why?" Well, we found a video that does a very good job of explaining "Why?"

The team at Screencrush put together the below video that takes a scene from Raimi's Spider-Man 2, and a similar scene from Webb's Amazing Spider-Man 2, and uses them to examine the huge gap between the movies. It gets a little hokey at times, but it's a fun, smart piece of film analysis.

Do you agree with the points made?


    I don't think the "Amazing" movies are anywhere near as bad as the internet would have you believe. Admittedly, the second one was overstuffed with too much plot, but I still think it was better than Spider-Man 3.

    Until Homecoming, I thought the first "Amazing" movie was the best of the bunch. But Homecoming is definitely the best.

    The original couple of movies were fine, but I dunno, I just don't think Tobey Maguire is that good, and I hated the Green Goblin as a villain.

    Raimi's first two movies were great, number 3 was terrible but that wasn't his fault it was the studios. Willem Dafoe was awesome as the goblin.

    I really enjoyed the first amazing spider-man movie too, the second was ok but Jamie Foxx's character was terrible and the plot fell into the same trap as spider-man 3.

    Homecoming was easily the best though, thought it was great. The only thing i didn't like was the plot change of Peter's school being one of those "gifted" elite schools so everyone there is a genius, even flash who is supposed to be the dumb jock character - it really just didn't work.

    I disagree, I think Donkey Kong was the best videogame...

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