Thousands Of Fake Pokemon Plush Toys Caught In South Korea 

[GIF via YTN News]

In South Korea, authorities have seized a massive haul of fake plush toys. Reports put the total at 530,000 phoney plushies. Think they caught them all?

According to Yonhap News, the unofficial plushies were smuggled into South Korea between April 25 and June 2. They were then illegally circulated in arcades as crane game prizes.

[GIF via YTN News]

Once authorities caught on that unlicensed Chinese-made plush toys of Pokemon and other characters like Totoro were circulating in South Korea, they also removed the fake ones from arcades as seen in this KBS TV broadcast.

Most of them appear to be Pokemon plushies. The total stockpile is reportedly worth over six million dollars.


    lol my local arcade certainly has its fair share of 'totes legit' Pokemon and Hello Kitty merch.

    There's one of those "everything cheap" type stores near me and they had pokemon plushies which at first I considered really horrible knockoffs because they'd done the faces all wrong. Like a charmander with just dots for eyes, instead of the big anime eyes you'd expect.
    The next time I walked past, I noticed they also had ones with faces that looked "correct".
    Then it hit me. They were dittos. I mean, they were still knockoffs, but with the sudden realization that they had ditto faces, they went from horrible to brilliant.
    Still didn't buy them though. I don't need plushies.

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