Titanfall 2 Player’s Dog Gets In-Game Tribute

Titanfall 2 Player’s Dog Gets In-Game Tribute

Dogs are basically perfect. The only real problem with them is that they eventually die. As a show of appreciation to a prominent member of Titanfall 2‘s community, Iniquity, Respawn is adding a banner emblazoned with his sadly deceased pup to the game.

Pictured: The banner Respawn is adding to Titanfall 2.

Iniquity has been making Titanfall 2 videos for months and has formed his own pocket community within Titanfall 2‘s warm, mechanical embrace. Last week, his 18 year-old dog, Onyx, passed away, and he tweeted about it. “This one hurts a lot,” he wrote at the time, adding that Onyx had been his best friend since he was 12. “Rest in peace, buddy.”

In response, members of the Titanfall subreddit called for Respawn to honour Iniquity’s dog in-game, in light of all of Iniquity’s hard work within the community. Respawn, it turns out, was paying attention. In a soon-to-be-released update, the studio will be adding a callsign banner of Iniquity’s dog to the game. Anybody will be able to equip it.

“We were touched and saddened to hear about the passing of Onyx from Iniquity,” wrote community manager Jay “JayFresh” Frechette in a Reddit post. “Many of us at the studio are parents to pups and we can empathise with the pain of that loss.”

Iniquity’s response to the banner was short but sweet. “Not really sure what to say,” he wrote. “This is really amazing and I really, really appreciate it. That’s super cool of you guys, and [artist] Rodrigo [Ribiero] did a fantastic job. Thank you SO much.”