Toy Time Plays With Mattel’s 2017 SDCC Exclusives, Destiny And Otherwise

Toy Time Plays With Mattel’s 2017 SDCC Exclusives, Destiny And Otherwise

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is right around the corner, and thousands will be standing in line for a chance to purchase exclusive toy goodness. This year Mattel’s hitting the show with stuff from the Justice League movie, DC Super Hero Girls, Spider-Man, Cars and some team-based shooter game.

As with previous years, Mattel’s actually pretty cool about giving folks a chance to score convention exclusives without standing in line. There’s a presale going on at the Mattel Shop, where any of the stuff I’m showing off today can be purchased for pick-up at the show. I managed to get my hands on most of the exclusives early, so Evan Narcisse won’t have to ship any of these from San Diego to my home for me.

Let’s kick things off with a trio of Hot Wheels exclusives, because why spend a couple of dollars at a regular store when you can have the special ones for $US15 ($19)?

Like the classic Spider-Mobile, from the time Spider-Man, a hero capable of swinging through the city of New York in minutes flat, decided he needed a car. Note the special Spidey-symbol hubcaps. This one also comes in a Deadpool variant, but for that you’ll have to line up in San Diego.

Mattel heard you liked cars, so they put Cars in their cars. Based on the third instalment of Pixar’s animated films, The Making of Cars 3 Lightning McQueen box set contains three stages of car-with-face evolution.

Inside is three different versions of Lightning McQueen — regular, unleaded and premium.

Finally we have a very special Batmobile in a very special box. One of the coolest things about Comic-Con exclusives is the special packaging. Mattel went all-out for the Justice League film this year.

Inside the black box is a paper model of the mighty Bat-Carrier Jet we’ve seen teased for the film.

And inside that, we have the Batmobile. A newer Batmobile, because Superman ruined the last one and then died. Jerk.

Speaking of amazing Justice League packaging, inside this cube…

… is another cube. Or Mother Box, to be specific, the otherworldly artefact that helps make the character Cyborg so unique.

This Mother Box is trapped.

Opening up the box assaults the ears with screeching noises and flashing lights. The voice of Cyborg tells us that weapons are being readied.

The figure inside is more lifelike than anything we’ve seen in the Justice League trailers. Then again, so is the half-empty energy drink can on my desk.

Like your DC Super Heroes a little brighter and cheerier?

The DC Super Hero Girls two-pack is here to help.

The DC dolls are one of my favourite new lines of the year. Inside the box we get another box, covered with comic panels telling a story about Wonder Woman and series newcomer Cheetah teaming up to battle the humongous Giganta.

Open up the box, and we get a cool little scene of the two dolls with a pair of giant plastic boots. Looks like Wonder Woman…

… and Cheetah have the situation well in-hand.

Even better than Torelei.

Even better than Torelei.

Finally we have this thing right here. On one hand, it says Destiny on it. On the other, it says Mega Construx. So conflicted.

This is the Iron Song Ghost Shell building kit, and the packaging is pretty freaking awesome. Inside the box we have a purple cardboard engram.

And that engram is filled with tiny pieces of coloured plastic in grey, gold and black.

I will not lie, this build was rough. Lots of same-y looking pieces, all bags opened within the first few pages of the instruction booklet. The “wing” sections were flimsy and constantly falling apart, and the whole thing is supported on a stand by a single 4×4 brick connections.

Still, it looks real pretty when done, especially with the light-up centre.

And look at this little guy, complete with little ghost. He can be your ghost buddy.

And that’s a wrap! Some excellent exclusives coming to San Diego with the Mattel folks next week. Look for them at double or triple the price on eBay the week after.


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