Warhammer 40K Crossed With Diablo Sounds Pretty Damn Good

Sure, there's already too many Warhammer 40,000 games flying around on Steam and mobiles right now. But you know what we don't have? Warhammer 40k games crossed with Diablo. And I could totally use more of those.

That's the basic hook for W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr, an action RPG being developed by Neocore Games, the same team behind Deathtrap and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. It's billed as an open world sandbox game with a story mode and co-op for up to four players, although the gameplay seems a little more on the Helldivers side of things.

W40K Inquisitor - Martyr is scheduled for release next quarter, although the official FAQ says "a lot depends on the Founding". The "Founding" is basically a marketing push to encourage people to pre-order, so the game would presumably be delayed if the reception isn't that strong.

Nonetheless, an ARPG in the W40K world works for me. The first two Van Helsing games were decent too, so fingers crossed for this one.


    If the story mode is good I would totally be down for this.

      ...because the storymode is why people play diablo :p

      Going to be a strange one. Warhammer works because of the lore, Diablo works because of the RNG look. Generally you wouldn't think the two would mix well, but it seems a no brainer.

      Personally, I'm keen to see how it goes.

        Well it's definitely not the reason people play Diablo 3!.

        (The writing is trash!)

    If the missions are varied and fun rather than a loot grind I have a team ready to go now.
    Let's face it, you will be playing missions over and over in co-op, so good mechanics along with interesting objectives would be a winner.
    That and some meaningful classes, not just a 'Your bullets are a different colour' and 'your character looks bigger while that one has boobs'.
    Rich universe, so here's hoping!

      'your character looks bigger while that one has boobs'.But what if the boobs were on their head? You never know what's going to happen when Tzeentch is around.

        Isn't that more the realm of Slaaneesh? Lustful Crab People...

        Seems more of a Slaanesh thing, boobs everywhere.

          But do the boobs do anything? I am sick of DLC head boobs that I get for pre-ordering not being super-powered or available to all the scrubs a few weeks after release.

          But yes, Slaanesh daemons have more nipples than a dairy farm.

            Well, you can't really have just decorative boobs, that sends the wrong message. Boobs are functional, not decorative. So naturally I expect any boobs in this game to operate like twin-linked lascannons.

              Twin linked? Mate were in 8th now. Twin las cannons at a -1 to hit because diablo rolling like crazy

    I enjoyed Greed: The Black Border for all its flaws and the same for HellDivers so I'd be up for a WH40K flavoured Diablo-like as long as it has an interesting skill tree and gameplay.

    I was initially apprehensive, having a look at the video it could be good as I have been yearning for more dow2 style play where you level up your character and unlock skill / upgrade gear.

    If it turns out to be a hack and slash like that, level up, get new loot I will definitely be down for it.

    Most warhammer games however do appear to be a bit of a flash in the pan, no one is playing that 4 man squad one anymore whatever its called.


        Space Hulk - -Deathwing was what I was thinking of, a few guys in our games group were playing that but they have moved onto other things, seems to be the norm these days, thrash through a game then leave it for dead. (think For Honor etc)

        Helldivers was fun though, we gave that a good run through and I enjoyed Victor Vran.

        I'm mostly into single-player these days due to this reason, that or really wait to see if a game really hits off and has a core player group before I pull the trigger, seems like if your not playing multiplayer in the first 2 months or so you have missed out.

    The good thing is, is that the Warhammer universe is so fleshed out you barely even have to try for a reason to expand the content

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