What Did You Buy In The Latest Steam Sale?

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The latest Steam sales have just wrapped up, which is as good a time as any to ask everyone: what did you buy probably after promising yourself you wouldn't?

I managed to keep my purchases this time around fairly minimal. I've talked about Nex Machina before, which launched just after E3, and Shadow Tactics is a great Commandos-style game set in feudal Japan if you haven't played it already.

Something I'm a little gutted that I forgot to purchase over the sale was Hidden Folks, a gorgeous hand-drawn Where's Waldo puzzler that has just been adored by almost everyone who's played it.

What did you grab during the Steam sale, and how much did you spend?


    VR games, lots and lots of VR games :D
    Pavlov VR being my top pick out of all my steam purchases in the past week or so

      Same here, finally got my Vive set up and the sale was just what I needed to get started

        Nice, another VR user!
        I also recommend checking out Sairento, they recently put out a patch which included heaps of new content / fixes. its a very nice polished experience compared to the mountains of VR crap on steam

      Ditto on VR games, I think my library doubled one night towards the end. Looking forward to Detached, read it was actually a full length game. And Audio Shield with lots of babymetal.

    Wolf: TNO and Lego: Jurassic Park for the young bloke. Think it was $15 beans all up?

    Absolutely Nothing

      Same, I am cured of my Steam addiction, though Gal*Gun Double Peace.................. and 75% off too. Mmm.....

    For the 4th summer sale in a row... zilcho. Everything i want i already have.

    Shadows of Mordor... that was the most surprising price drop.

    One Finger Death Punch. Heard good things about it and was cheap... so addictive for a simple mouse rythm clicker mechanice that escalates with difficulty and speed.

    Sitting at 200 games and only 40% played I didnt go for the others on my wish list this time.

    Nothing. :) I have lots of games and need no more...

    Very little this year, like most other people I bought all the sale items I wanted in previous years. Although I did pick up Sniper Elite 4 for the lolz as well as Grim Dawn. Bored with both of them already.

    Hollow Knight, Steins Gate, Darkest Dungeon.
    And then I play none of them and play PUBG instead :P

    I bought a few things off my wish list. Limited my purchases to anything that was 75% off, or more.

    Gemini Rue - I'm a sucker for Cyberpunk stuff
    To the Moon - I've heard enough good things to drop $2 on it
    Batman Telltale - Despite owning a bunch, I've never played through a TellTale series, I bought this one. Because, Batman.
    OneShot - I've read barely anything on this, but I liekd what I saw and want the rest to be a surprise.
    Stories Untold - Really like the anthology idea, short games are my jam right now.
    I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream - my latest addition to my "older games I want to play one day but probably never will" list.

    Neir Automata was the biggest thing i splurged on, best purchase would have been the hand of fate expansion with new cards.

    Apart from that just some >$10 games that had been on the wishlist for awhile.

    I also bought a steam link yesterday as per another kotaku post, grabbed a few cheapo games just before the end of the sale to play on that as well.

    I don't usually buy anything but for some reason I was grabbing shit left and right this time...ended up with:

    • Bastion
    • Dead Cells
    • Ori and the Blind Forest
    • The Banner Saga 1 & 2
    • Hyper Light Drifter
    • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    • Hollow Knight

    I tore through Banner Saga 1, Bastion, Dead Cells and Ori and they've all been excellent. Probably spent $60 all up but the quality of the games makes it feel like a damn steal. Bastion and Brothers were like $4 each.

      There are some truly awesome games in that set. I couldn't finish Ori, the damn thing was just too freaking sad - made me feel wretched.

    Yeah, I put Thimbleweed Park, Hollow Knight and Oxenfree in my cart, then nixed all of them after I had a think about the number of (allegedly) amazing games I already own that I haven't played, and that my monthly Humble subscription would arrive in a couple days.

      I was the same. I almost bought Dishonored and "Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons", then looked at my huge pile of shame and emptied the cart.
      I own Oxenfree already, I should really get around to playing that ....


    Did grab Thumper from Oculus' Summer Sale though. Held off on Wilson's Heart, I know I'll still not have played it by the time it next goes on sale.

    Final Fantasy IX, DonDonPachi Resurrection, and Grim Fandango Remastered.

    I bought the tripple pack of dinsey infinity games for $15 as it came with al characters and levels unlocked so I dont need to buy any of theose toys to life rubbish but I was always interested in them.
    ALso grabbed FF7 and modded it to fix the music and add better textures and models and grabbed jackbox party pack 3 as loved the first 2.
    That was it for me as I pretty much own everything on steam now thanks to previous sales (520 games and counting)

      Just a note that the music for the steam release of FF7 has been the playstation version of the soundtrack for quite a while now.

    "To The Moon". I've already finished it. It has a great story, and beautiful ending.
    I think it would be even more enjoyable if I could have influenced the story in some way to get different endings

    Sniper Elite 4, Superhot and Victor Vran were the main ones, iirc. Also picked up Evil Within (figured I'd give it a go as the sequel looks like it'd be right up my alley) and Narcosis (bought on a pure whim as it reminded me of Lovecraft's The Temple).

    Nothing, I guess I should be happy about that?

    Rust - Mate and i purchased around the same time, make a base, someone walks in somehow through 3 coded locks, steals all weapons and resources and puts butt holes, penises and nazi symbols to make it even more obvious we got raided.....twice. Great game 10/10

    Civ 6 - only bought last night

    State of decay - play abit before the second one comes out.

    Project zomboid - always wanted to get this, sad there are no Aus servers that i have seen.

    Besieged - creating whirling machines of death, but all i want is a HD remake of Incredible machines.

    Batman Arkham Knight.


    I've played it through twice on PS4 but for $8 I just wanted to see what it would look like on my rig.

    F*cking amazing! Widescreen is the future.

    Absolutely nothing. Since they changed their sales format a year or so back and since Steam's front page is now like a digital version of a dvd basket in a $2 shop. All rubbish that no one really wants or cares about. I rarely go there unless I have to.

    Not a single thing even though there is a lot on my wishlist. They are becoming more irrelevant to me every day. Was once a great platform, now full of Indie junk that should never have been greenlit.

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