What Have You Been Watching Lately?

What Have You Been Watching Lately?

It’s been a super good last couple of months for TV, with a new Game of Thrones, Glow, the Castlevania series and the season’s stack of new anime. But over the last few weeks, I’ve been watching something a little older.

Earlier this week, we posted the news that the Neon Genesis remakes were being screened in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand on the weekend. And given that we were already halfway through the season, two marathon tickets was good motivation to finish the rest of the series (as well as End of Evangelion.)

Besides that, I’ve caught up with a few episodes from Glow. That’s all kinds of fun so far, and I’ve heard only good things since. Tegan also recently finished The Handmaid’s Tale, which is incredibly macabre but totally worth the watch if you can stomach how grim everything is.

What TV shows or film have you been watching lately?


  • GoT obviously, but who isn’t?

    Started watching Gakko Gurashi recently, which I’m still warming up to. Some episodes it goes full walking dead and love that, and then it’ll swing all the way back to standard schoolgirl fluff with no zombies, ugh.

  • Introduced the wife to Gaki No Tsukai and the no laughing specials, been enjoying watching through them again myself too.

    • Konya ga Yamada~~~ lol… or dynamite shikoku vs escargot man… laughing right now thinking about it.

  • One Punch Man all 12 eps, after reading the Manga. Was hooked but I’m glad it doesn’t take too long for Manga to be released.

  • Watched season 3 of Fargo. Brilliant, as usual. Currently halfway through The Handmaid’s Tale which is pretty good so far.

  • Watched the first season of Taboo recently. Really enjoyed that. Second season not supposed to be out till 2019 which sucks.
    Catching up on season 2 of Narcos now.

  • I wanted to watch Evangelion.
    My wife wanted to watch Offspring so we compromised and watched Offspring.

  • Not a fan of Game of Thrones (or really any of the prestige HBO dramas), which means I get a little more gaming time on Mondays when my wife catches up.

    I did smash through American Gods last week, and had a great time with it. Also looking forward to watching Fooly Cooly which, despite being semi-involved with anime over my life, I had never heard of before some how.

  • Blood Drive, a ridic show set in the far flung post apocalyptic future of 1999 where gas is scarce and so cars are fuelled by human blood. It’s like Cannonball Run. but more murdery.

  • I have actually been pretty slack on watching produced content because of SGDQ but my list of recent viewing is; Castlevania, RWBY S4, BLAME! (Netflix movie), Project Almanac and Lupin III Part 4.

  • Been rewatching Futurama while grinding away at FF14, this season I’ve been watching Fate/Apocrypha, Princess Principal, Restaurant from Another World and Knights & Magic.

  • I finished watching Handmaid’s Tale over the weekend. I’ve also been enjoying the new seasons of Preacher and Twin Peaks.

  • Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

    It’s pretty cool. On Crunchyroll if you’re interested.

  • Just finished Wayward Pines season 2, and a few weeks ago Legion. Currently on Game of Thrones, Dark Matter season 3, Breaking Bad for the first time (!) at the end of season 3. Wife’s watching The Librarians for light relief (or as she calls it “Diet Warehouse 13“).

    And when it’s quiet, and I’m out exploring the deep black in Elite: Dangerous, I’ve been rewatching Babylon 5… 6 episodes into season 1… 🙂

  • At the risk of being chased out of here by @weresmurf and others, I put Star Trek aside.

    Instead, I’ve been watching the 1960s Batman as my little tribute to the late Adam West.

    I never gave the serious much attention as a kid but looking at it now I wish I had.

    The execution of all the actions is very corny and over the top but some of the plot are very smart.

    • The old West Batman is fantastic imho. Though campy and cheap, the fact is it was definitely ahead of its time in both its commentary and execution.

      • Don’t know about ahead of its time. I have heard that the show encouraged the use of a colour TV (much like how Myst encouraged the sale of CD-ROM drives) but other than that, not seeing anything else.

        Haven’t done as much reading into it as I did Star Trek before jumping in though so I am most likely missing something.

        Not to go too far off topic but I will admit on thing I am constantly missing in Star Trek – the diversity.

        It may seem strange but I often overlook that mostly because I see diversity as a norm and do not accept nor subscribe to the segregation of individuals by their genetics. In short I only see one race, the human race.

  • I binge watched Handmaid’s Tale and GLOW in two days straight. Both so good. I’m now onto Rick and Morty, season 8 of Archer, and obviously GoT.

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