What Streaming Service Do You Use The Most?

With the spectacular collapse of Foxtel Now last night and the throttling of Presto earlier this year, it hasn’t been the greatest year so far for local streaming services. But Stan is still humming along nicely, Netflix continues to add new content all the time, and foreign services like HBO Go.

So for this week’s Off Topic, tell us – what streaming service do you use the most?

One that I thought might be quite popular here is Crunchyroll. It’s well supported across consoles and smart TVs, and has a suite of live action TV from Asia as well. Crunchyroll joined forces with Funimation earlier this year as well – Crunchyroll’s main competitor – where the two will share shows across their platforms. Funimation has a lot of older content like Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball Z, and there’s dubbed and subbed options.

As for the mainstream competitors, I’m still finding that Netflix is good for its original content. But if I want to comfort watch a TV series, especially something that I might have caught on TV as a kid, Stan is a pretty solid option. It’s got a great library of BBC/British TV classics that used to be broadcast locally – Murder She Wrote, Keeping Up Appearances, that sort of thing. No local service has M.A.S.H. sadly, and thanks to CBS pushing their own product that’ll probably remain the case for some time.

So tell us. What streaming services do you use the most? (You can vote for three options, for those who use multiple streaming services.)

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