What Streaming Service Do You Use The Most?

What Streaming Service Do You Use The Most?

With the spectacular collapse of Foxtel Now last night and the throttling of Presto earlier this year, it hasn’t been the greatest year so far for local streaming services. But Stan is still humming along nicely, Netflix continues to add new content all the time, and foreign services like HBO Go.

So for this week’s Off Topic, tell us – what streaming service do you use the most?

One that I thought might be quite popular here is Crunchyroll. It’s well supported across consoles and smart TVs, and has a suite of live action TV from Asia as well. Crunchyroll joined forces with Funimation earlier this year as well – Crunchyroll’s main competitor – where the two will share shows across their platforms. Funimation has a lot of older content like Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball Z, and there’s dubbed and subbed options.

As for the mainstream competitors, I’m still finding that Netflix is good for its original content. But if I want to comfort watch a TV series, especially something that I might have caught on TV as a kid, Stan is a pretty solid option. It’s got a great library of BBC/British TV classics that used to be broadcast locally – Murder She Wrote, Keeping Up Appearances, that sort of thing. No local service has M.A.S.H. sadly, and thanks to CBS pushing their own product that’ll probably remain the case for some time.

So tell us. What streaming services do you use the most? (You can vote for three options, for those who use multiple streaming services.)

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  • Was almost going to sign up to Foxtel. But after reading the issues they had decided not to.

    • In fairness to them, HBO had the same issues and I’m not sure even Netflix could cope with the insane traffic that GoT brings.

      • I just found out SBS on Demand has Atlanta, The Young Pope and Hand Maidens Tail, so I wont really need it.

      • HBO had similar issues, But you were still able to watch the show. Foxtel flat out did not work.

  • Digitally Imported [di.fm]

    Have had it streaming pretty much every day for over 10 years.

  • Would select google play except polls on this website never have a submit button on my S7.

  • I watch a tonne of crunchyroll, and Shudder (US horror movie streaming service). I quite like Stan, Netflix and AnimeLab too.

    • I’ve read some great things about Shudder, I’ve been seriously considering signing up for a while now.

  • Netflix by far.

    I’ve read a lot of people saying Stan is better because it has more Australian content. Can someone let me know what actual good Australian content I am missing?

    • Australian content wise, meh not much except wolf creek, although i dont like most Aussie tv haha but has other great stuff so i switch between the 2 monthly or so

      • I was on reddit yesterday and most people were talking about how great Stan is over Netflix and nearly every one mentioned Aus content. There is nothing I can think of that is made here that I would want to watch.

    • It’s sad that I can’t remember the last time I saw a good Australian television show.

      • Have you seen Cleverman? Season 2 is on SBS now and Season 1 was on SBS catchup last time I looked.

        Excellent show set in a near future Sydney. Although I thought the first episode was a bit confronting I’m glad I persevered.

  • No love for AnimeLab? Considering its an Aussie owned service (Madman) and is on consoles, chromecast support and web.
    Free and premium options. I’ve used it occasionally without any major issues.

    They were simulcasting Attack on Titan S2 and many other shows all the time. Also has a nice backlog.

    • Animelab ks great. Has alot of awesome anime and has the best feature know to man on its mobile app…. a screen lock. Anyonr who has a S7 edge knows the frustration of trying to hold it without touching the somthing

  • Twitch is actually my most used streaming service followed by Crunchyroll then Animelab. Which brings me to ask, why wasn’t Animelab on the list? It’s Australian!

  • It depends on which show I’m currently watching my way through, but split between Netflix and Stan. I think Netflix has a much better interface than Stan – it’s easier to navigate, find shows, and it works much quicker.

  • SBS. Use almost all of them (alternating) but use On Demand the most. Handmaid’s Tale, Fargo, Atlanta, Brooklyn 99, plus all the movies.

  • I use Netflix every night, Stan every few days and iTunes mainly for latest TV shows movies.

  • I have built my own PLEX server that uses Radarr and Sonarr to automatically fill my viewing needs.
    Coupled with FttP, I’m able to stream anywhere.

    One of my proudest moments was me and my friend/co-worker were flying to Sydney and we were both streaming different shows in HD to our phone or laptop in my case while in flight from my home server.

    • Must be nice to have an internet connection than can stream one HD source, let alone two.

  • Netflix & Stan nearly every day. iView, SBS on demand, Animelab, when I’m interested in something specific.

    Murder She Wrote isn’t on Stan though, that I can see anyway.

  • Uh. iView I guess, whenever I forget to watch Dr Who. Which is most of the time.

  • I’m subscribed to both Netflix & Stan, yet haven’t used both in months. My main go-to is Twitch & SBS On Demand because of the excellent Viceland content. I also watch a ton of sports on Foxtel & Fetch TV streaming channels.

  • I have an Android box through NuStream Devices. It uses a few different apps to grab my content. 1 I use gives me all the U.K. and US entertainment channels and sports channels another is like Netflix but I can watch what I want when I want. Like yesterday GOT was on the box 20mins after airing in the US. It also does Kodi but that has gone to shit. All you need is a VPN and you are set. Only cost me $250 upfront and never have had to pay for anything since.

  • 9anime and Crunchyroll a lot lately. Not much interesting happening on Netflix lately

  • Mostly Netflix for me, although I also use Stan a bit (love me a bit of Preacher) and have used SBS lately for Fargo and The Handmaid’s Tale.

  • Probably Stan. Netflix for original series but Stan seems to have more series and movies that I’m interested in. Have found the Netflix additions lacklustre since they have started focusing on their own shows so much.

  • I use Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime, SBS On Demand and ABC iView, and Foxtel Play on XBox One (ie: don’t use mobile apps or a lappy) for Video Apps.

    I stopped using Stan and Amazon for the moment because I’m trying to save money, but I’ll re-sub around Christmas time. I won’t be subbing with Foxtel Play after their trial because their app is f**king rubbish and they can’t provide the service I want.

    Music wise, I use Spotify, Google Play, and used to use Tidal, but I found it’s exclusives not worth the difference in money.

  • It’d be a flip of the coin between the kitchen sink, shower, and toilet.

  • None right now, its funny I’ve moved to the digital age with my gaming. Yet to do so with tv show or movie viewing (well I’ve purchased one movie from the PSN store). I still buy my tv series and movies on dvd (and sometimes bluray… but more for collecting purposes). Its time consuming but I convert my purchases to my own format and watch them on a WDTV device.

  • SBS on demand has pretty unique content, watch it from time to time.
    But by far I watch netflix the most. Only just started using Stan. The interface on Stan isn’t very intuitive though.
    TBH I’d like these two services to add more content. Especially films. Seems to be very specific what they show. And of course there is loads of filler….
    Netflix has loads of trashy true crime shows which are fun for me. Lots of good docos too.
    What’s really great about these services is you can borrow your friends passwords and it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the same town or even state!

  • Kinda glad MASH is nowhere to be seen. Hate that show!!!
    It was in heavy sindication all through my youth for about ten year! I couldn’t turn on the tv without seeing it.

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