What's The Best Thing You've Ever Made In MS Paint?

I've never made anything in Paint as good as this One Punch Man GIF, but you might be more talented.

With Microsoft announcing this week that they would be phasing Paint out (with Paint 3D to largely take its place), it's a good opportunity to reminisce over the beloved, lightweight photo editor.

Sure, MS Paint isn't the most powerful tool ever created. But it's been built into every version of Windows for over three decades, and it's a piece of software that people are comfortable with. It's something people have grown to know and love, especially less tech savvy people who remember just how far computers (and Windows) have come.

So while Paint 3D will be around, it will take a little getting used to for some people. It's not the same. So for those who spent lots of time and have a lot of love for the classic editing program, what's the best thing you've ever made?


    Best thing I made was a black 800x600 picture, with a single pixel wide red line along the right and bottom borders. Was able to set that as a desktop, and use it as an incredibly nifty guide when designing various databases and tools.

    Some people back in the day refused to change their resolution from that, so we had to cater to them. Aesthetically, nothing special, but from a productivity angle, it was gold.

    Doesn't need to be the Mona Lisa to be valuable :)

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