What's Your Desktop Wallpaper?

Image: Xanvast

For today's Off Topic, I thought we'd touch on something everyone has but doesn't necessarily think about: their desktop wallpapers.

My current wallpaper is a set of rolling 8K screenshots from a superb Flickr gallery created by Xanvast. It's just been updated with a bunch of brooding shots from Get Even, the horror game that was delayed to avoid coming out in the middle of the London terror attacks.

The one above is from a game most people probably avoided: Homefront: The Revolution, a game that got panned to the high heavens upon release. There are some really pretty segments in isolation, mind you, which makes it great fodder for high-res screenshot galleries.

What's your preferred desktop wallpaper?


    Its normally something batman or robotech related but at the moment its Lucius from the game Lucius.

    at work - the kids
    at home - usually a landscape piece that takes my fancy from a Fine Art article

    I still run at a pretty low reso at work, mostly because they give us small scabby monitors. Two of em though, so its not all bad. But back in the day, some of the things I worked on came in conflict with old timers working off an even smaller resolution.

    To the point I had to make everything fit 800x600. So I did a real basic wallpaper at that reso that was black with a single pixel red line on the edge, so I knew where my working constraints were. Never changed it.

    At home, its a rotating wave of piccies from a dedicated folder in Pictures, changing every 10 minutes. So nothing specific. With Rainmaker, I've added a couple of tools to jazz it up a bit, like a visualiser across the whole bottom of the screen for music, and some system info, but in general its just that slideshow of a few dozen faves.

    I use the a Calligraphy Theme on Windows 10, and pinched the Wallpaper for my Mac workstation.

    It's an preview image of an upcoming map for Squad.

    My gaming rig: it's a selection of screenshots from Elite: Dangerous (mostly mine, but a few from wallpaper packs or screens from other people that they've shared with me.)

    My laptop and the household PC have a large folder of gaming related screenshots. A lot were from a bundle of several hundred posted on Kotaku/Gizmodo a couple of years ago.

    Sorry, I don't actually know. There are so many tabs and applications open I never see it.

    Haven't really bothered to change wallpaper in several years...

    My work desktop wallpaper is a picture of the Shrine of Azura from Skyrim. I get the occasional (non-gamer) work colleague ask me if it's a picture of a real statue and where it's from.

    I've got an app that changes my wallpaper daily to bing's daily image. I have it on all my computers, and my phone too, so it's all consistent.
    I know, I know, Bing... But they have some good pictures in there. Today it's a bee on a flower though, which isn't great.

      Bing gives me $5 Xbox credit every month or so... so... I endorse Bing!

        I forget that's a thing. I keep trying to use Bing/Edge more for a while to try and get some credit but quickly forget and go back to Google/Chrome

    I save all the good ones from the Fine Art stuff thats posted on Kotaku and have them set on random for 2 monitors.

    Mostly the landscape / interior ones mixed with a few cockpits / panel instruments.

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