What’s Your Favourite Flash Game?

What’s Your Favourite Flash Game?

With Adobe this morning announcing that they would stop updating and distributing Flash Player at the end of 2020, the date has finally been set for the death of Flash. And it’s not before too long: the standard was riddled with security errors, and Adobe couldn’t update it fast enough to plug all the holes hackers kept finding.

But for all its flaws, Flash has been an incredible resource of entertainment and mirth to the gaming community. So for this week’s Big Question, I’d like you to tell us: what’s your favourite Flash game of all time?

Something that started out life as a Flash game is Stick Cricket, which people probably know for the more modern iterations you can get on your phone. It was a much simpler game back then: stick figure heads, flat pitches and outfields, but the mechanics were predominately the same.

It’s far from the most monumental Flash game, though. Frog Fractions has a good claim to that, being a flash game that ended up spawning a Kickstarter and an incredible ARG that saw its sequel stay hidden for two years.

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Something that I remember back in the day was Line Rider, a weird game about drawing tracks in the snow with the mouse. The original Flash version was phased out in 2008, but it started out as a Flash game, and it resulted in incredible creations like this:

So, tell us. What’s your favourite Flash game?


    • Yes and yes. I still play N++ on my PS4 when mates are around, the co-op is surprisingly great too.

  • Really racking my brain back to high school days, but the stand outs were:
    Stick death!
    Drag Racer v2

  • I was never super into Flash games. I mean I had emulators full of classics on my computer, so punching a squid for a high score never really sat well with me. I wish I had of got into it though. I think making games on newgrounds would have forced me to progress beyond programmer art.

  • If you answer anything other than Stick RPG then are wrong.

    Ahh the glory days of X-gen games.

    PS… Fishy is also an acceptable answer.

  • I suppose Crush the Castle would have to be one of the most influential, considering Angry Birds just copied that concept to become the biggest game in the world.

  • I liked Machinarium. While it wasn’t hosted on a website, the game is implemented in flash, and basically just runs the flash player in a full screen window.

  • I was a bit of a flash game aficionado back in school, I couldn’t pick just one.

    Fancypants and its sequel were both brilliant.
    N was and is one of the best platformers ever, flash game or not. (although N++ runs so much better without Flash)
    Freerider 2 was just brilliant, spent many hours making maps and playing them, linerider just never compared.
    The Last Stand 2 was a really solid game, a Zombie game done right.
    Bloons TD3 and TD4 remain my favourite takes on the Tower Defence formula.
    There were many others, but those would have to sit at the top of the list.

  • I was more into flash animations than games, but one that stands out for me is Alien Hominid. The fact it made the jump to full retail game way back when it did is kind of amazing.

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