When Call Of Duty: Black Ops Meets DOOM

When Call Of Duty: Black Ops Meets DOOM

The original DOOM is all about firing thousands upon thousands of bullets, so it makes total sense that Call of Duty would fit right in.

COD Style Advanced Weapons MOD is a creation by Arrowood that aims to do one thing – replace all of the original DOOM weapons with those from Call of Duty. We’re specifically talking post-Modern Warfare, so instead of featuring trench shotguns and Kar98 bolt action rifles, it’s 5.56mm auto rifles from NATO and dual pistols from the US of A.

The “testing video” uploaded online runs through about 12 minutes of gameplay, and it’s surprisingly fitting. The UI looks a little out of place, being a work in progress, but there’s something about aiming down the holographic sights to slay imps that just really works. Maybe it’s the fact that Call of Duty holds a lot of the same appeal that DOOM did: a lot of running down corridors, shooting stuff endlessly.

Either way, the mod looks like a neat way to enjoy DOOM again. The full mod is available on ModDB and supports GZDoom 3.1.0 and Brtual Doom. It’s singleplayer only, and there’s instructions on how you can change the magnification on sniper rifles and other scopes if you’d like.


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