Who Do You Think Will Die Next In Game Of Thrones?

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Given that the next Game of Thrones season is kicking off later this week, it's only fitting that we ask the one question that matters: who's gonna die next?

We're actually running a tipping competition in the office right now, so it'll be interesting to see the differences in opinion. Right now the hot favourite to get throttled are the Greyjoys (Theon and Euron in particular), for many obvious reasons, although Melisandre has lost a lot of her sheen over the last few seasons. I can't see Melisandre dying without some sort of resolution north of the Wall, however, and it will take a few episodes for that to happen at a minimum. Maybe towards the end of the season.

So for Game of Thrones fans, what do you think - who's going to die next? Not including new characters that nobody cares about, obviously.


    One of the Lannisters. I'm going to pick Cersei. Arya is going to wreak revenge.

    Everyone will put aside their differences and create a democracy.
    Then they'll all pray to R'hllorm, who will appear deus ex machina style and kill the white walkers, and they'll all live happily ever after. The true GRRM (slash D&D) twist is one where NO ONE dies

    Jorah the explorah. I don't think he'll get to an ointment in time.

    Littlefinger. Too smart for his own good. Somebody will get annoyed enough with him to just cut his head off and be done with it.

    George R.R. Martin.

    Crushed to death by his own manuscript draft as he goes to deliver said manuscript to his editor.


    It's gonna be the guy or gal speaking really stilted , po-faced and stuffy dialogue. I'm a psychic.

    LIttlefinger 100%. He's running out of uses.

    Also probably Cersei and Euron.

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