Why Game Of Thrones Makes Us Love Jon Snow

Why Game Of Thrones Makes Us Love Jon Snow

Game of Thrones has many fine characters, but they all persuade enemies and allies throughout the Seven Kingdoms in very different ways. Most of those ways involve backstabbing or slaying other houses, proving their strength over other characters.

But the Starks and Jon Snow rely on a different method: morality, a cause for the greater good.

The below video is actually a cheeky ad about the psychology of sales, but the entire video actually cleverly breaks down how the different houses and characters position themselves in Westeros. There’s also analysis of various scenes – particularly with Dany and Tyrion – showing how characters use different methods of persuasion.

If you’ve seen all of season six, it’s a great look back at the series and some of its most popular figures.

If you like cinema being broke down in this way, there’s also a video that breaks down the sales training scene from Boiler Room.


  • I’m still sticking by my theory that Jon Snow will defeat the night king, therefore replacing him and becoming the leader of the white walker army. Then the final battle will be Jon vs Daenerys. It would be just like George R. R. Martin to develop two characters and make the viewer fall in love with them, only to make them kill each other.

    • Why would Jon become leader of the white walkers though, as far as I’m aware there is nothing to suggest this will happen?

      And I know I’ve got no love for Daenerys (either book or show version), I would definitely back Jon Snow if push did come to shove.

  • I really do feel like I’m the only person in the GoT fandom that doesn’t really care for Jon OR Daenerys.

    • Nope, you’re not the only one. Both are incredibly boring – for a character to be even vaguely interesting they need to have flaws, and neither really do beyond being a little naive in the beginning. Not to mention their arcs have been stretched very, very thin in both the books and the show which doesn’t help their cause.

  • When I reached his death in the books it took every ounce of strength to no do what I did when Boromir died, shit pan the book and never look back.

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