Wild West Online Looks Like A Red Dead Redemption MMO

Image: Youtube

We'll probably never get an official port of Red Dead Redemption on PC, but that isn't stopping Wild West Online from trying to offer the same vibe.

A gameplay video of Wild West Online popped up this morning from 612 Games. The company announced the MMO earlier this year, but the below video is the first gameplay footage released online. There's a hub of sorts, which includes a saloon where players can play various casino-type games including poker and roulette, and a reputation and bounty system.

The official website says that a closed alpha for Wild West Online will begin this winter, with a beta in the spring before a full release around Christmas. That's all subject to change, of course, and anything can happen once player feedback (and crash reports) starts flooding in.

Interestingly, the developers are also offering "unconditional refunds" for anyone who buys the game now and regrets their purchase "up until the second phase of Alpha testing":

This gives you a chance to play the Alpha yourself, and opt-out if you think the game won't develop into the game you wanted. There are no restrictions on amount of time you have played, and there are no limits on how long you owned the game — so long as you decide before the second phase of Alpha Testing starts you will be granted a full refund.

Interesting. You can find out more on the official website.


    Looks promising so far, but I wonder what the future end game looks like? I'm concerned about the longevity of it.

    Also the cosmetics side could be a concern, how do you make your character feel like your own? All the gear will be earth tones with a few pops of colour or it will risk looking ridiculous in the setting.

    Anyway, I hope for the best, looks like it could be a lot of fun.

      It's mostly going to come down to hats and bandanas.

      I'm going to try my hardest to get the Rhinestone outfit though

    Comments disabled on their Youtube video and the FAQ lacks any real end game content...

    I will throw this in the wait and see pile.

      apprently its because the devs might be associated with the devs of The War Z

    "other recreational activities" proceeds to show icons of hookers.
    he he

    Looks interesting for sure, but perhaps work on the character animations is needed as it looks a bit clunky and not at all fluid like other games.

    I think peeps should be heading to the WWO forums and have a read (just google wild west online), I have been over there for a while, I also have early bird perordered the collector pack, cost me 83 AUD (only available for another 6 days). On the forums, it will give you a good perspective of whats going to be available and what we are discussing for the future.

    My mates and I have been waiting forever for someone to make a game like this, the more of us that get on board, the faster content will get punched out. If everyones going to sit back and watch, we are just going to get stuck with the crap being released by the AAA companies.

    This games first alpha is coming up, what you are looking at is alpha, might want to keep it in mind, If you want things like hectic character customization, then go join the forums and vote, we vote on things like that so the DEVs can see what we want and what we want them to work on first

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